She drifts slowly into sleep.  Naked, in his bed, his chest is warm against her back.  His stomach, his thighs, his most intimate person presses his flesh to hers in the dark.  Like spoons in a drawer, there is barely any separation of one part from another.  Yet they are not joined as one in that most intimate of inmates that two people can share.

He stirs, and brings a hand rough from work, across her soft skin.  It travels from her shoulder, down her arm, dropping to her hips and across her thighs.  Now she stirs, her breath and movements coming alive under his touch.  His arm encircles her, pulling her tightly to him as if to merge the two as one.  Then begins the slow travel across her body again.  He lingers at the soft hairs between her legs, then grabs a handful of her ass and says softly… Mine!

She is his.  Not because he has won her heart but because in her kinky heart he owns her completely.  She is his property.  She does his bidding happily.  It is her pleasure to serve this man.  This word.. Mine.. it is not about keeping others away.  It is about the control, and the pleasure she feels from his possession, the mutual pleasure they feel together living this way.

She feels a sense of stability in her life.  Mine! It is a word that escapes his lips when he feels most loving to his slave.  Mine! In his arms and under his control, she feels a sense of relief and security.  Mine! It is a single word that conveys and contains all the wild mysteries of their life together.  Mine!  A word that awakens his desire to show her just how much she is his.  Mine! A word that awakens in her the desire for an affirmation that he possesses her.  And he does.

Carpe Diem my friends.. show love to someone.



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