Communicate on Valentines Day!

Communication is critical.  Especially if you want your oral service to be perfect..  A little more action on the clit…or the head..  longer strokes, faster, slower.. you know.. romantic stuff like that!

Communication is really important in all aspects of a relationship certainly.  People tend to show only the good parts of themselves at the start of a relation.  It’s up to you to take some time and ask some probing questions.

But later in a relationship communication takes on a whole different need, especially when you are in a Ds relation.  You can’t just wish your slave would know that you want your cock sucked.. you have to tell her.  You have to communicate that.  You have to show a little backbone and actually be an Owner.

Its a common lament of slaves who hooked up with a “90 day wonder”.  Military folks know the “90 day wonder” as the newly-commissioned graduates of three-month Officer Candidate School.. a vastly inferior product to those officers from service academy graduation. 

In BDSM a “90 day wonder” is the Master or Owner who has acquired just enough tricks to fake it for the first three months, then fall flat on their face because they thought all they had to do was sit back and let everything happen for them. 

Many a new Owner has no idea that keeping a slave can be a bit like running a daycare.  Not that slaves are infantile, no, but it can take more time and attention than you might think to fulfill the needs of a good slave.  Most good slaves don’t want, they need, a great deal of directing.

So if you are a Master and Mistress and you’d rather sit frustrated and horny than order some oral service, be my guest.  But you are not doing yourself or your slave any real service.

This Valentines Day, tell your slave exactly what they can do for you and be specific.  Tell them when, what, how much, how fast or slow and in sloppy detail everything you want… don’t hold back..  its your orgasm and if you are going to enjoy it then damit make them deliver it the way you want it.  Oh.. and be someone’s great Valentines day… Carpe Diem!


p.s. I had a GREAT valentines day…… woo hooo!





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