Just another day….

Its odd… When you have been in the Master and slave life long enough, nothing that used to be exciting is new.  That goes without saying, really.  The older we get, we do less and less for the first time and more and more for the last.

So it is  not surprising that certain aspects of our lives that seem strange to others are just that to us.. days of our lives.  Now you know that many of those aspects would shock some people but therein lies the true weirdness of our life.

What is really weird about out life isn’t what we do.  What is weird how different the reactions are to our life.  Each person reacts completely in their own way, running the gambit from indifferent to activist driven to intervene… from disgusted and turned off to hotly passionate and aroused.   It is not Izrina and I that change, but the image we evoke in others when they see and understand who and what we are.  THAT is the weird part.

Sometimes we forget just how twisted and yes even sick, others may see our behaviors.  What is really funny to me is that many of my interactions with my slave can be labeled 1950s housewife… which is to say that a mere 70 years ago our behavior might have been common place.  She and I might have been considered healthy and well adjusted pillars of the community.  Perspective.. its a bitch.

The day before yesterday was our second munch of the month.  We still go to our original munch, but now we also go to one based closer to the House of X.  Its disappointing because this munch is much smaller.  Only a handful of people show up.  I am sure there are more kinky people in the area, there always is.  We will see how this grows.

The munch is in the downstairs of a sports bar, and we shared the space with a large family gathering, so I had to rein myself in, which isn’t why I was there… I was there to be with my own kind, and talk about BDSM.  Kinda sucked, really.

Still, I am who I am, and Izrina is who she is and at one point I looked at my property, thought of all the lovely things I could do with her later and said quite passionately.. I can’t wait to get  you home.

Now, I’ve never had an indoor voice.  That plus there is a lot of base in my tone, so between those two my voice tends to carry..  and the old dude walking past us obviously heard quite clearly because he gave a wicked chuckle in response… I didn’t notice.. it was focused on Izrina, but she is always very conscious of what other people are thinking.  Hopefully I didn’t upset the family’s lovely evening too much…

Reminds me of the time Sno was giving a very passionate dissertation over drinks in a bar on how to fist and she put one leg up on the table and began to press her fist into her crotch as she explained… well until she saw the look of horror on the faces of the people across from us.  She couldn’t shrink enough into the posse at the table and we all had a good chuckle.  It happens.

I had this very odd morning the next day.  I meditate, and while I love the red chakra and the purple chakra I awoke in a meditative state I couldn’t put my finger on..  it felt like blue, but wasn’t.  Very odd..  so I meditated a bit longer while coffee brewed, and then longer still after it was served.  I was very high.. some kind of natural, meditative high, for hours.  So began my first day off of the weekend.  I coasted through Saturday.. not getting much done.  It felt right.  Think I’ve been pushing too hard.

Today we got a lot of work done..  the bags are piled high again.  Izrina will have to make lot more trips to the dump tomorrow.

She’s doing 7pm protocol cleanup right now as I type.  Been a long day and an interesting weekend.  Think I’ll turn in early..   good to be rested right now what with all the flu cases going on.

As Master, I am free to do as I please while my slave attends to her chores.  Nothing unusual, boring really.. unless that offends your sense of equity and all that, then its a big deal..

It is interesting…  how one person’s fetish, is just day to day for another, and offensive behavior to yet another.  I collected a nice long kiss off those lovely lips before I left my property to it.  And yes, I have and will put those lips to better use at other times.  She’s happy.  Long live diversity!  Carpe Diem my friends… be someone’s great day!