SG style six string, aka 7pm F or B

Tonight’s seven pm protocol conversation focused around the guitar.  Mr Fluffy has an SG style six string and though it’s all beatup and stuff.. he loves it.  So the conversation dove into all things guitar.. slurs, slides, vibrato, string bends, distortion, compression, flanging and phasing, reverb, and such..

Now Mr Fluffy has been playing during dessert and actually all day long in his room when he has the day off, and sometimes all night…  He would really enjoy someone to Jam with but my musician friend hasn’t answered answered his Facebook invitations, so I did what any direct action oriented Master would do.. I called my musician friend and put him on speaker at the table…

  • X – Hey dude.. Long time no speak
  • He – Great to hear from you, what’s up brother?
  • X – All kinds of stuff..

An initiation to dinner was extended, along with an invite to Jam.   I mentioned that dinners were always promptly served at 7 and any night we had a seat open would be awesome.  Now my friend knows my proclivities, even though he is nilla.  When I said we have 7 pm feedings, he heard 7 pm beatings. Not exactly the dinner entertainment he was looking for, I am sure, but I was amused.

No, I explained to him.. 7 pm was for feedings… with an F, but if it wasn’t on time he might get to see beatings, with a B.  Seven pm protocol has a new nickname now… the seven pm feedings or beatings..  I LIKE it!

Carpe Diem my friends.. be someone’s great day.. with a D!