She’s my slave, not yours

Mr Fluffy had a friend stay over.. a nilla friend.  So as we sat around the breakfast table, I asked..  did he warn you about me?  Darin (not his real name) looked at me quizzically and said, No?

This is a BDSM household.  This.. putting my hand over Izrina’s head.. is my slave.  Then I added.. but just because she is a slave doesn’t mean she can be used by anyone.  She is MY property… mine, mine, mine!

Now perhaps that was an unnecessary conversation.   But I felt compelled to say it because there is this odd thing that happens when people find out a woman is submissive.   Sometimes people think it means that they can take liberties they normally wouldn’t.  Sometimes these transgression manifest as inappropriate and suggestive comments, and sometime they are inappropriate contact.

You might think this kind of misbehavior only happens with nillas.  Not so.  As I pointed out in my last blog, there are sociopaths out there masquerading as Dominants.  These types have no conscience and will most certainly cross lines.

Then there are newbies who simply haven’t learned yet that to be a submissive is not to be submissive to the universe.  They haven’t been around long enough to learn that submission comes of a unique and powerful relation that develops out of communication, trust, and yes.. passion.

But then there are the inexplicable violations.  The ones that come from people who should know better and yet have no sense of how to appropriately approach a man or woman who is property.

It should go without saying that when a person is in a CNC relationship, the real decision maker is the owner. That owner may have very specific protocols in place that their property is bound by, especially when it comes to communication with another Dominant.

It makes no fucking matter if you like or agree with these protocols.  Its not your fucking property.  What you think has ZERO influence on their relationship or how they operate.  To insist that they take into consideration your feelings about their protocols makes you a complete and total ass.

It should be a universal principle of those into BDSM, to know that when a person is identified as owned, you approach the owner FIRST, to better understand if they place any limitations on speaking with their slave.  As a person in the BDSM community, you can’t treat a slave like a nilla and then plead ignorance without looking like a completely arrogant ass-hat.

If you really are in the know, then you should know it is in good form to show respect to the owner, by requesting their permission to communicate with their property, and ask what protocols and restrictions they have on their property.

Frankly, I find it sad, the number of unprincipled persons that directly contact Izrina, making overtures that are laughable.   These are fools who have no idea the depth of her devotion, nor the access I have to her thoughts and interactions.  If they had even an inkling, they would never write the things they do.  They are at best a source of amusement as I read their stupidity.  Sometimes, I allow Izrina to string them along, just to see how far they will go.

Even more interesting are the idiots who make a nice show of respect, asking for permission to contact and converse with her.. only to then try to solicit her from me.  I am simply stunned at times by the shear stupidity, audacity, and chutzpah of some so called Dominants.

If you have been reading my blog long, you know that I am also a mentor.  I have had the opportunity to Dominate the slave of my protege.  I like to think that I showed honor in the way I handled myself.  I have handed Izrina over to Owners I trust as well.  I think it is a useful exercise in the sense that a slave can feel more like property when handed over.

Understand that these hand overs are never for sexual service.  These handovers are simply for an S&M scene, or for simple service.. never for anything involving body fluid contact.   In that sense, I would never share my slave.

My point to all this though is that there are some Owners you can trust with such a slave experience. Many more you cannot.   Often the sociopaths and bad Dominants will look to mentor, or help train a slave, when all they really want is a blow job or to fuck your slave.

My point here ist that its not just the new slaves that need be wary.   New dominants also need to be wary of mentors who are on the prowl, looking for gullible new couples.  I am well aware of situations where a couple was looking for a mentor, only to find that mentor was just looking to score some pussy… or maybe even steal a slave away.

So was I inappropriate with Mr fluffly’s guest?  Maybe.  Do I care? Not a chance.  Its my house and Izrina is my prized property.   I will guard that property jealously.   If house guests don’t like the way I run things, they can get the fuck out.  Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.

2 thoughts on “She’s my slave, not yours

  1. I completely agree. I am owned by my Master, he allows me to have access to fetlife and Spankingtube, in my profile he has put in large print to contact him first, if they want to chat with me, or become friends. That I was on these sites to chat freely with other kinksters, that he reads all my blogs etc, anyone who disrespects me, disrespects him, and Master will remove and block you from my sites.

    Does it make any difference, no, they still think they can put forward a friend request without asking first , they still think they can proposition me, send me photos of themselves, ask if we can use Kik or WhatsApp. No is my answer, telling Master each time, leaving him to reply.

    Why can’t people gave the decency to read the profile first and respect the wishes of my Master. X


  2. @dayliacatt I am going to assume that replying to you in my own blog is within the boundaries of your protocol…. I completely understand what you are saying. Wouldn’t do any good either to host workshops on etiquette and protocol.. that runs in the complete opposite direction of the whole do your own thing, PC stuff. Not that I am opposed to doing things our own way, its just that there has to be some standards. My slave runs into the same crap all the time She has 18 unapproved friend requests now.. Ah well.. no point investing any emotion into idiots.. you’ll just wear yourself out.


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