House colors

So I have been kicking around images that mean something to me as starting points for the HOX vest colors…

Wings – Nothing gives us wings like the freedom to be who we are.  I like the idea of incorporating wings in the colors art.

Pinups – I like the idea of incorporating a sexy, 1950s housewife like, pinup.  Who doesn’t like sexy and there is something really sexy about the fully clothed but still naughty pinups from WWII.

Hitching Post – The hitching post at the table for seven pm protocol has become an favorite image.  And that will grow.  I believe I will place two at the table.. each with three chains, and leg bracelets.. giving Masters the options to not only be served from the buffet style spread, but also to chain their slaves for the meal.

House itself – Perhaps it is most fitting to do a ink and pen style image of the House of X.. Not a great or original idea, but it fits.


There are so many ways you could go with this.  I am not doing skulls, or crosses, or other common themes.  It needs to fit the BDSM, full service theme.  I am open to further ideas…. and would love to hear suggestions about what you would do…