The birth of a ritual

You may wonder what the difference is between a rule, a ritual, and a protocol.  Basically:

  • Protocols tell us how to behave and in DS, how to behave while in service to another.
  • Rules set boundaries.  They set the limits to what you can and can’t do.  They provide guidelines for efficiency and policy for procedure.
  • Rituals are sacred actions often coupled with words which are repeated with absolute devotion and exactitude.


The seven pm protocol.. meaning dinner will be served every evening exactly at 7pm started as a loose, casual thing with the only requirement be that:

  • Dinner be served at 7pm
  • The place mats, china, flatware, napkins, etc would come down from its shelf
  • Flatware, etc would be laid out exactly so
  • After dinner all 7pm flatware, etc would be cleaned
  • All cleaned flatware would lovingly be returned to its shelf to await the next day

A buffet table later was added and dinners became buffet style, with Owners having the option to be served.  If I have an honored guest without a slave, I would offer to have Izrina fetch.

Just as Izrina is required to request permission to enter my bed, I also require her worship at the table before she can be seated.  That ritual started almost immediately after the 7pm protocol started.

And now we come to the new ritual that has been born of the 7pm protocol. I like to wear my leather vest when I am full Master Mode.. which of course I am… when hosting this meal.  So I took to wearing my leather vest at every meal.  I always change into my standard event clothes for a meal.

Now those who have seen me in a dungeon, know that Izrina and i have a ritual we perform before I play.  She acts as my valet, I stand with arms out, indicating she should start, and she removes my shirt, then slides my vest over my bear chest.  I like to wear my vest without a shirt when I play.

It seemed to me that if I was going to wear my vest (with a shirt) at the table, then my valet should put it on for me… enter the new ritual.  Just before she gives worship now, she offers my vest, and I allow her to drape it on me..  its the little things.. the small service that is performed as a ritual that I love.  I like this new ritual..

Speaking of the vest..  I want to come up with colors for the House of X, to go on the vest.   Let the creative juices flow….

Carpe Diem my friends… be someone’s great day!



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