Concrete and hardwood floors

What the hell does concrete and hardwood floors have to do with BDSM?  Nothing really. Unless you are busy preparing the House of X.  I bought engineered hardwood for the downstairs living room, but apparently the floor was not perfectly flat.  The flooring guy at the local home repair super store said I should put down this concrete like underlay.  So last night I handed the boards one at a time to Izrina and had her stack them in the exact order of disassembly, so during reassembly all of the seams would be staggered.

I know its only been a few weeks but working all day and all night is getting old.  My friend Sno is giving a protocol class Saturday.  Think I’ll take some down time and go.  Protocols often annoy BDSM people.  Either because they are subs and not slaves, or they feel that its too close to a one twue way, or whatever.  People can be idiots.

But protocols, rules and rituals are key.  They are the foundations of keeping the mindset alive at all times.  They give us the sense that Ds is always in place.. a kind of stability that is reassuring.

Concrete and hardwood may not be directly related to BDSM, but then my whole life is like that.  Everything I do and am ties back somehow to my Master/slave life.  Its not a life style, and its not a choice.  Its our life. For some of us it is who we are.  Izrina didn’t assist last night because we are a couple building a dream.. well not directly… she assisted because she is a slave and the Master she slaves for ordered her to.  Its always there.. even when its not obvious.  For someone who is looking to fulfill their BDSM needs, there is nothing quite so wonderful as to live it 24/7.

Tonight we put back the hardwood and see how I did with the underlay.  Until then, Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.

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