Meet Mr Fluffy

Just before seven pm protocol tonight, I asked Mr Fluffy if he would mind if I mentioned him in my blog.  He consented, as long as I didn’t “out” him by name or excessive detail.  Consent is important.

With that out of the way, meet Mr Fluffy.  He’s a wiry young man, about nineteen years of age, with blonde locks that fall over his eyes, and a scruffy bit of facial hair.  He is a submissive.  He is not a slave.  His Mistress moved out of the area.  I’ve known Mr Fluffy for a while now, and I thought it would be nice for him to stay with us at the House of X.  No definite period set for that.  I gave him a room, and some basic rules.  He helps around the house.  He is not an official house slave, per se, but he’s damn close.

Its odd.  Izrina is twenty five years younger than me, and sixteen years older than Mr Fluffy.  Its quite a generational gap but we find common ground.  Its an interesting situation.  Often I will hear Izrina and he working, talking, and laughing.

I find it interesting that our first live in is more of a concern for me, than for Izrina.  By that I mean, we are not poly.  We have no intention of diddling around with house slaves.  But the concern for someone being tempted can go both ways since I have no objections to adding a male or female slave to the house.

Mr Fluffy has the attractiveness that most youth has.. the thin, fresh, attractiveness of well defined muscles under skin with no fat.  How quickly that passes.  But as we transition from teens to twenties we can have such wonderfully perfect bodies.  Of course that is true for both men, and women.  Its not always an easy attraction to resist, especially if a person is flirtatious or personable.

Izrina prepared corn chowder tonight.  Its was delicious.  The day before it was zucchini and Italian sausage soup.  Often these dishes and desserts she prepares take time to peal and chop and dice the ingredients.  Mr Fluffy will often join her in the kitchen to assist with chores like peeling.  The other day, he helped me lower a rather heavy block of concrete.  He ran the snow blower over the driveway a few days back, before I got home. Its good to have the added company at the table, and to the help at the house.

He gets rather sad at times.  You know how it is when you are young and the drama is thick around you.  But this is why we took him in.  I felt he needed us.  He had a bit of a cold this weekend and Izrina and I mothered him.  Between his cold, and his occasional bought with sadness, I worry about him.  The Master in me wants to look after him.  The slave in Izrina wants to help.  He’s in good hands.

The House of X is a disaster.  We have projects going everywhere.  But in there is a calm center at the heart of that storm.. and that’s me.  I tie it together, and make it work.  Its what I do.  Its what I love to do.  Its is frightening, this monstrous maelstrom of work, shared burdens, and small delights.  I have no idea where all this will lead but while its in progress its exciting and wonderful.  Carpe Diem my friends.  Be someone’s great day.


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