HOX – Demolition and construction

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind at the House of X.  Each morning I try to resist doing some small task like spackling before its off to work.  Some days I can’t resist a “little project” which usually means afterward I am running late.  At work, all I can think about is which of the dozen projects to do next.  I ripped up one floor, which won’t be replaced for a while.  Ripped up another and that is being replaced with hardwood right now.  I pulled out a door to replace it with something newer, but the frame was not standard size, so I had some framing to do first.  We have burned through one large box of kitchen trash bags, AND a large box of black lawn bags.  Many trips to the dump.  There are often ten bags waiting disposal.  So it goes.

In spite of the confusion every night we have our seven pm protocol..  a sit down diner with specific flatware laid out.  Most nights we have guests.   The other night, we had diner for two.  I took pictures which I meant to post but there just hasn’t been the time to upload and write.

Tonight I finally decided to just post.  If you have seen the earlier pictures, you know there is a cast iron hitching post by my chair.  I love the hitching post and though I planned to put it at the top of the driveway to hold a sign, it makes such a nice prop at the table that I’ve decided to just get another for the driveway.

I have been trying to built bridges to the local LGBBT community for a safe place to set up a MAsT chapter.  Someplace we can meet and talk openly with some degree of privacy.   This can not be like a munch where you share your space in a public area. I may need to just offer the house as a meeting place, which is fine, except its really not ready and there will be a lot more dust and confusion before I have a room that is free of all the commotion.

Life has been pretty damn good.  The commute to Izrina’s job from the house is way too long, so I had her quit her job.  She is looking for one local to the house.  Its been lovely having more of her time..  Moving is a pain though.. isn’t it always.

At some point I should draw up some general guidelines for the House of X..  rules, protocols, mission statement… stuff like that.  Frankly, though I have a very clear idea in my head what I want, putting it down on paper seems like such a bother.  Still, any slave considering being a house slave, needs to know what they are getting into.  Its all new territory for me, and I am a firm believer in learning from others mistakes.  I will reach out to friends and associates for advice.

Anyway, the electronic side of my life has been slipping while the day to day side has been growing.  Thought it was high time to share.  Life has been busy but very good. Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

2 thoughts on “HOX – Demolition and construction

  1. So stoked to see all this coming together. It’s inspiring seeing someone go full throttle on their dreams like this!


  2. @MasterB Thank you. Its been a very long time in the planning. Just as i was never in a rush to start, I am not in a rush to pull it together. I see HOX as an evolution of my life, and life like many journeys is about that journey itself, not the destination.

    My friend Sno once famously said.. if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. I get it. Plans often have a way of making themselves. That being said I consider myself an irresistible force, my goals are always achieved in time through patience, persistence, and perseverance. This is the way of a Master. We never change, never deviate, are never distracted from our path, or our sacred role..


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