Its the little things

Its easy to be thankful for the good things in life.  What really sets the best people apart from the rest, is the ability to be thankful for the bad and difficult things in life.

Wait?!   What?!   Why would anyone be thankful for something bad?  Well now, that’s the challenge isn’t it?  To see the lessons learned in failure.  To see the character built from challenges.  The strength born of adversity.

Part of the secret is not to get caught up in the craze to have more, more, more.  When we learn the pleasure of little things, when what we value has little worth to others because we have learned the secrets of happiness, that is when life feels complete.

I promised a picture of the trivet and flatware.  These please me:


The rough darkness feel like an extension of myself.  There is nothing particularly special about either.  And yet like so many things in life we build an affinity for some little treasures.  The trick is to not become so attached that we become obsessed.  But by the same token, its good to gather things around yourself, that you like and feel good to you.

Its a balance, like all of life.   Its like the grip of a fencer on his sword.  Not too tight, yet not too loose.   Just enough to do what you do well.  In this New Year, I wish you happiness that comes from inside.  Un-tap that well, and you too can be annoyingly pleasant before others have had their coffee.   Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someone’s great day!