Crock pots and sore backs

Just three days of scraping and cleaning and hauling and demolition and already my back is sore.  Thank God for Crock pots.

Tonight’s dinner was easy.  Chop an onion, dump in the ingredients and voila!  The 7pm protocol is ready right on time.

Tonight was Chili, with lots of bread and butter to soak up the yummy goodness.  A little salad thrown in, just to keep it healthy.  But then chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup for desert.   Gotta leave room for desert.


I like the idea of a carafe.  It feels good in your hand, and there is something communal about sharing from one.  And there is a control… This – is how much we have to share to drink.. Oh!  We ran out?.. slave.. go refill it.

The trivet in the back there, she’s a beauty..  Cast Iron, with place for two warmers.  I’ll have to post a pic of just the trivet and flatware so you can better see.

None of the flatware or setting seen here are used for anything other than the 7pm protocol.  After dinner everything is washed and put away.   The black handled flatware goes in a wooden box.  All of this has its own shelf area.

Dinner is sacred.    The idea is to eat in with style and grace, no matter how simple the food.. and then the implements of the meal are lovingly cared for and tucked back into their place to await the next meal hosted by Master.   The implements of the protocol are sacred.

Its the simple things.. the structure, the thought, the control, the organization that makes the life of a Master or slave special..

Carpe Diem my friends.   Be someone’s great day.

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