An evening of mixed blessings

Our New Years are always special.  We join dear friends at a house party.   Its a small gathering of BDSM people who get along well and the conversations are lively, the laughter sometimes loud.

Now that the House of X is getting started, I ordered Izrina to give notice at her job.   We have two weeks before she can stop the very, very long commute to the House.  Frankly, its a pain in the ass.  Its nearly an hour and a half each way now from her job at the ranch and of course they are still working her way too hard.

The New Years Eve party starting early, but we couldn’t get there until almost 8:30.  I promised to set Izrina on fire.. but the fire table was in the garage turned play area and it was too fucking cold to use.. temps here have been 40 degrees below normal.. so most house are struggling to keep up.

Then because of the 90 minute drive, Izrina had to be up at 3:30 am…  So how does she sleep and party between 8:30 and 3:30?   When I realized I couldn’t do a fire scene with her.. I tucked her into bed in the downstairs livingroom…  Where a single tail scene started shortly after.   That scene was followed by a rather noisy game of “I am thinking of a number”.

The number was between one and twenty and each wrong guess resulted in five paddles with a particularly thick piece of leather.  Then upstairs, after the ball drop, things turned silent and then noisy as a long time Master and slave owner proposed to his property.

I packed Izrina in the car at 12:30 and rushed her home to bed.  Tonight, she’ll stay at the apartment, rather than the House.  She needs a very long night of rest.  Me.. I’ve got lots more cleaning and work to do here.   I really need to do some light plumbing, and electric today.

So it was a mixed evening.. of challenges and high points.  I won’t truly be happy until my property is safely in bed and getting the missing rest she needs.  By the same token, I won’t dwell on the negatives.. I’ll just do that Master thing where I worry a bit until I ‘m sure all is well.

I posted an update on Fetlife for the House of X, and my goals and thinking are clear.  Well, the work isn’t going to do itself…. time to stop typing and get to it.  Carpe Diem my friends..  Go be someone’s great day!


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