House of X – Humble beginnings

Every thing and every one, must start somewhere.  The House of X started many years ago in a plan, as a dream, to build a home dedicated to BDSM.  Slaves we agree to take in will not be in sexual service to the Master of the house, but we will enforce protocols and slave training.  The plan is now in its humble beginnings.

There is a tremendous amount of construction that will have to happen before the House of X is ready to take in house slaves.  There will be dust, and confusion, and construction issues.  But the house needs something sold, a steady and dependable aspect.  That will be the 7pm protocol.  This protocol states that dinner will be a sit down dinner served every evening at 7 pm.

So without further ado, I give you the very first 7pm protocol.


The mats, napkins glasses are gold in color. The plates and flatware black. In the back corner sits a cast iron hitching post. If I had four of these, I’d make a new bed. Still, what better place to chain your slave, than to a hitching post. The room has a single corner lamp, and is mostly lit by candles. We have seating for Master X at the end, my slave at my right, and room for three guests. Eventually, we’ll put in hardwood floors and a table for 8-10.

I and some helpers spent the day doing demolition, and removing carpeting.  Everything needs a good cleaning… All in good time.  Humble beginnings are good.

Construction stopped at the estimated time.  The first course was ready about ten minutes early.  The meal called for garlic bread, which was about three minutes late.  But could be excused as long as drinks were served. We’ll work on our timing.

Carpe Diem my friends..  And a happy new year..  Go be someone’s great day!



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