Anal sex – every man should try this

My last blog was all about anal sex and why I fantasize but am not really keen on actually doing it.  That being said, there is one form of anal the every man should try.

Did you know that when humans first form in the womb, we all begin as women?  Well, technically, we start with the ability to be either male or female.  In the embryonic state a developing human has no anatomic or hormonal sex. . When the sex-determination process begins, we both will have nipples, but a line that could become the vagina might turn into a ridge on the scrotum.  During this time the genital bud grows into the penis or a clitoris.  Sexually speaking, men and woman share a large number similarities, most likely because of our common origins.  For example, both men and women ejaculate.

But here is the key point that men should think about.  A woman ( if she is lucky) has at least two anatomical areas she can orgasm from.  Actually I’ve know women who orgasm from the touch of my fire play or other ways..  but from an anatomical perspective, we know that some women orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris and some from penetration against the G-spot, and some very lucky women from both.

Men.. think about that.  How lucky are women to have TWO spots that can be stimulated to orgasm.  Doesn’t seem fair.  Us with our one big bundle of nerves begging to be squeezed and sucked.  Don’t you wish you could have two spots like women?  Wish no more.

Many men might have a problem with something stuck up their ass, but guess what?  Just as a finger that enters a vagina, and curls forward towards the stomach wall touches a woman’s G-Spot, a finger up your ass and curled towards your stomach touches your male g-spot.  If this is news to you, don’t go straight out and try it.  You want to combine it with something else.  Just as some women get off on just the clitoris, or just penetration, some men have difficulty getting off from just their male g-spot.

What your really want to do is have your slave.. or girl friend start some good old fashioned oral service, and when you’ve braced yourself for this new experience, let her stimulation YOUR g-spot while she goes down on you.  This may cross a line with you, maybe you are too much of a man’s man to let a woman go there, but let me tell you what… its one of the most awesome blow jobs you’ll ever get.

Well assuming you don’t have a problem someone asked me about.. it appears his male g-spot is a little deeper than her finger can reach.  So if you have that problem, or if she had really long nails, you might want to find a long skinny vibrator.. something finger sized but longer.  Right.. I can imagine THAT suggestion is definitely going to be a line some men can’t cross.  If so.. try reminding yourself that if you order it, you are still in charge, and its your partner that determines if you are heterosexual or homosexual, not what you do with them… so lighten up!

Its an important point, so let me dive deeper. If you order your slave to spread their legs so you can go down on them… yes, you are performing oral service but you are still in charge.  Its who makes the decisions, not what you do that ultimately determines who is the Master.  And its not what you do with them, but who you do it with that determines your gender preferences.  You can be a masochist and a Master if you are ordering the pain. At the end of the day, don’t let others make decisions for your limits.

So, that’s right bucko…  If you have a ready and willing partner, and you never did this before, screw up your courage for something new.  THIS you gotta try.  FYI.. prostitutes have used this trick as a way to shorten a blowjob and turn more tricks in a night….  like…. forever… But what do you care where the info comes from?   Now got out there and discard your female g-spot envy.. pleasure awaits!



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