BDSM and Anal sex

I am not much into anal sex…. but then again I am.   That statement will require some explanation.


When my protege asked me to take control of his slave for a night so that he could observe and learn, I readily agreed.  I had given Izrina into the hands of an older Master for the same reason.  This wasn’t a sharing of her for sex, it was an exercise in experiencing that a slave is property… and the control of one Master is not the same as another, on many, many levels.

Towards the end of the evening, I had her down on all fours and acting as a very human pet.. and we began to play fetch.  She obediently did so, but readily gave up the toy instead of playfully holding onto it with her teeth..  So  suggested to her that she become more playful, and when she did I suddenly found myself with red wood.  A towering hard and throbbing erection.  It was then that I turned control of her back to her Master.  Even if no one else knew I was crossing a line, I did.  I like to think I have some honor.

I told you that story to illustrate that when I totally control a slave, that is what really arouses me.  When first training Izrina, while in her collar of consideration, she was required to call me Sir.  Just having this inexperienced slave whisper “Sir” was enough to make me hard.  When she earned her training collar, she moved up to calling me “Master”.   The excitement of hearing “Master” has worn off a bit so I look for new ways to revive the excitement.

Anal is potentially one of those ways I could exercise that sense of control.  My slave is for my pleasure, and all three holes are mine for the taking.  But then I have never much been into anal.  Its tight, yes, but not naturally lubricated.  A mouth or a pussy is just so wet.  When Izrina is wet, its like a gift… her body has naturally responded to my demands, producing wetness for me to enter and enjoy.   The sensation of her tightening around me, of the warmth, the wetness is heavenly.   As she nears orgasm and I can feel the tightening, my cock pushing aside the collapsing wetness with each thrust, the pleasure is nearly indescribably.  Not so with anal.

Anal is naturally dry.   It can be painful.  I like painful.. but the good pain, not the bad.  Dry anal sex is bad pain.  Still, going there for me is all about the control.  It is taking something that on some levels and with many people, is forbidden and offensive.

With artificial lubricants, that tightness can be quickly become pleasurable.  But the lubricants do not renew themselves and being an older gentleman, I tend to do all night once, what I once used to do all night.  With anal, I have to stop periodically to replace what isn’t naturally replaced.

In short, its a pain in the ass on two levels… I can get the same feeling of control in the other two holes by talking dirty.  I can order oral service, and while stroking Izrina’s hair, compliment her on what a good little cock sucker she is.  Talk like this evokes an odd sense of control, mingled with some sort of forbidden fruit.  Using offensive terms like, slut, cock sucker, pussy, bitch, and others elevates me while lowering her.. It drives home Master and slave positions.  It drives feelings too complex to unravel.  And yet through it all she is my most prized possession.  Such an odd game and yet so exciting.

But again.. a slave’s body is there for the use of the Master or Mistress that owns it.  And this is where we talk about rights.  When we talk about BDSM slavery, we are talking about consensual slavery.  I have read books written by real slaves.  Both consensual and non-consensual slaves are property, and their body is free to be used by its owner in any way.  The words are exactly the same from both consensual and non-consensual owners.. Your body is mine to do with as I please.

It is consent that turns slavery turn 180 degrees from abhorrent to pleasurable.  But consent does not diminish the fear.  The limits a Master will recognize must be a point of concern, and plays on the level of trust you have. At the start of a relation, there are negotiations.  In that time, hard limits are set.

A slave has the right to request anal be a hard limit, and a Master has the right to decide not to keep a slave that doesn’t give him or her what they want.  Its a two way street, bound by the rules of consent, and grounded in the pursuit of mutual happiness.  You have to talk, and learn about each other, and then you move forward.  As a new slave or Master, you have to decide if your prospect is compatible.  I strongly suggest that you base your relations more on trust than hard limits.  There is an exciting terror and excitement in what the person you trust will do with that trust.

Peeing, anal, roman, face fucking.  There are so many places you as a Master may wish to go, or as a slave, may hope the Master you serve will take you.  But it can’t be a complete surprise.  You have be clear, and you have to have an idea what a Master will do.

Speaking for myself, if you didn’t make something a hard limit, you can be damn sure if I want to go there some day, it will happen.  If it is something you consider unpleasant, but not a limit, I’ll take that too, but with an effort to turn it to pleasure.  I am not a fan of constant re-negotiations. Ha!  Unless its to remove a hard-limit on something I want.

But back to anal.  To take the conversation even lower, there are some health considerations with anal sex.  The anus lacks natural lubricant as I mentioned, so misjudging or not replenishing lubricant can lead to tearing and fissures inside.  The body will heal, but the presence of blood is not a good thing.  We are talking bad pain.. at least for my slave.  Maybe not so for others.

The sphincter is what makes it so tight.. and in time anal may stretch that which will lead to anal leaking.   Then there are hemorrhoids and polps, both of which will be aggravated by anal sex.  The anus is full of bacteria which means while it is exciting to push the boundaries and go ass to mouth, or ass to pussy, there is a real danger in vaginal and urinary tract infections.  So make that a pain in the ass on three levels.

So do I like anal?  Yes and no.  Its one of those things that when I think about it in a fantasy context is very exciting, but when I get to actually doing it turns me off.  Its a bit like force fantasy.  When it is all play or fantasy its exciting, but when you begin to wrap you head around a non-consensual experience, force fantasy rapidly turns ugly and repulsive.  For me, anal is a bit like that.  So odd that we can have a fantasy, but have no desire for it to be real.

So now you know more about my anal tastes than you probably ever wanted to.. Hope it was worth the read..  Carpe diem my friends, go make a great day!