When boredom sets in

I never wanted to crank out one or two blogs a day.  Some folks do and I find after a while I don’t want to read all those posts.  I like an occasional and interesting blog from my favorite writers, and so I set out to do likewise… but.. my last blog was November 2nd.  Seems I over did it.

I am no stranger to excess.  So what you may wonder, have been my wild exploits that have kept me from writing.  Brace yourself.. they are nothing much to tell about.

The other night I had Izrina cross the floor on hands and knees, then place her head in my lap and close her eyes so I could stroke her hair.   It was as wonderful little  moment.. The submission, the human pet with her head in mylap, nuzzling.   Or when she knelt beside the bed, requesting permission to join the Master she loves and chooses, in his bed.   She fell asleep quickly, and woke to me over her, my hand in the soft curls of her pussy, grinning that evil grin I have.  The morning I woke her to fuck her not once, but twice, reminding her every moment that she was mine to use, her wetness my pleasure, her orgasm a gift of submission.  There were long trips to see family, and the warmth of her submission by my side.  The kinky pleasure of ordering her to refill my drink in the presence of my brother-in-law.   His response?  Your sister would kill me if I talked to her like that.

Its the Ds quickies, the little moments of dominance that keeps the magic alive.  It is a constant challenge, to not allow ourselves to fall into a rut, to not just come home, order my meal and drink, fuck, and fall asleep.   You have to THINK.  You have to reach out and make your slave feel your dominance.  Especially after years of service.

Any newbie can fake it for 30 days.  After 90 days in a relationship, you begin to know if your slave is real, or if the Master you serve is real.  If it is real, the protocols stay in place, and the reality of the control sets in.  But then there is the other side.. if the protocols do not change, if there is no variance, if you get into a rut, it becomes just another relationship.

I was on top of Izrina in bed, she gazing up at me waiting for my next move, how I would use her next.  It was a moment of special connection, when I could feel her appreciation for my Mastery, a strong almost palpable emotion, which matched my own for this slave I call mine.  And I smiled… We have something special, I said and went on..  we have something wonderful and we should share what we know with those that would hear.  And then I kissed her long and deep..

That boredom that seems inevitable to a relationship, I can tell you from my own experience, need not happen.  I don’t know if I am smart enough to give you the words that will unlock your own happiness… or if I was just lucky enough to find the right slave, but I do know that I am quite happy and pleased with this slave.. and plan to keep her for a very, very long time.  In the chains of slavery, Izrina has found her freedom.  In that willing submission, I have found the keys that unlock my own happiness. Like a prophet, I want to preach what we have found.. but that would make me a zealot.  It is enough to share here.   Carpe Diem my friends.. go be someone’s great day!



2 thoughts on “When boredom sets in

  1. I am not much into anal… and yet in some ways I am. I’ll put it into a blog, since my thoughts are too long for a simple response. Its the control that excites me. Always has.. and I like to think it always will.


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