The physiological effects

I have been contemplating the physiological effects on a Master … without an s.  As you know from my previous blog,   My right arm .. aka my slave… has been amputated.   I am without her for ten days while she visits family.

Let’s start with the fact that I exercise regularly, as well as check my blood pressure and weight to see how I’m doing, health wise, so I am fairly well in tune with how I’m doing with the manageable things.

My blood pressure, has been about the same.  My weight, which I have been working on dropping a tad has been more effective. So the lack of  home cooked meals hasn’t hurt, in fact I think I serve myself smaller portions this way.. a plus.  But I have also done more house cleaning in a week than the previous three months, a sure sign of boredom.

I seem to be a bit more horny, which ha! goes without saying, doesn’t it? What I am really craving some company.   I was thinking of hooking up with family, for lunch or dinner tomorrow, but then I remembered that tomorrow is the monthly LOL munch, so it can wait.  I’ll have a pleasant evening tomorrow.

Gotta work yet again on the weekend, another overnight upgrade gig, so no rest for the wicked yet again this weekend.

Izrina returns Monday and I’m bummed about it.  I’ve had minor surgery scheduled for next week that will interfere with a really strenuous welcome home.. if you know what I mean.  Ah well, better to roll the dice on the long haul than the short.  This is a a TLR.  Still, I did have plans for an all nighter before this came up.  Best plans laid.. and all that.  Think I’ll be testing those stitches by Saturday though.

Looking forward to the munch.  Gotta talk with someone about co-hosting DSG in Fet.  Anyway, time to get some rest.  Tomorrow will be another long, stressful day at work.  Best to rest up.  I’ll hit the gym first.. that always gives me enough energy to coast through afternoon slump.  Carpe Diem my friends.. go make a great day!


2 thoughts on “The physiological effects

  1. Arianna recently spent the night with her mother , and every Wednesday the three of us meet our local kinky coffee group which is not really kinky , because I mention the word face fuck or something and everyone freaks out.
    Arriving at Star Bucks I walk in and realized I was totally lost , I had no clue what to order. I stood looking at the menu just staring. Arianna always takes care of the ordering.
    Sitting there with my friends I still felt completely lost.

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  2. I completely understand. When I go to an event, my slave is by my side. She is a very visible and constant expression of my Mastery. Once I was in the gym dressing and feeling like she should be allowed into the men’s locker room, since she is my valet. Letting her dress me is one of the fun services, I enjoy ordering. Obviously no one would understand and it would cause an uproar, but it gave me a chuckle to visualize.

    In “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (a short tale written by Hans Christian Andersen), some tailors trick everyone into believing that they are spinning fabulous clothes that can’t be seen by people who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. So no one admits that they can’t see the clothes. This sort of correlates to the effect of having a slave by your side.

    With my slave at my side there is a very visible sense of who and what I am – Everyone can see the Emperors clothes. But without her that Mastery is invisible and this is where the similarity to the story diverges. Unlike “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, my Mastery does exist even if others cannot see it. It is not their incompetence but mine that would prevent them from seeing my leadership skills. It is then that I must make who I am, visible to those who cannot see. It is not done with Dominance over the unwitting, but with with Charm, grace, strength, and charisma.

    It is a hell of a lot easier to do with her, than without her. Plus I have to fetch my own stuff.


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