Izrina is traveling for the next ten days.  It feels like an amputation.  As I said as she left, “you are part of me”.  This is true in a very real sense.

When you undertake to start a full time total power exchange or TPE.. your slave becomes an extension of your will.  To own a slave is akin to adding another appendage.  Your slave acts like a part of you.  As your property, they ARE part of you.  Just as you would flex an arm or a leg, the muscles responding  to your commands, your slave similarly is an extension of who you are and what you desire.  To be without your slave is like an amputation.

I don’t believe in giving life to negative thoughts.  I will not dwell on this.  This little blog is in many way a cathartic release.  Just a chance to do a mental stretch and get on with life.  Our value in life is determined not by our relations but by the things we bring to a relation.  It is we who determine our worth.  A strong dominant, wise and persistent in adherence to their role brings great value to any slave seeking the gift of that dominance.  Likewise, any slave who has the strength to submit to the will of another without question or interference, who can find the mind-space in which that surrender brings joy,  brings great value to their request to serve.

The reasons for this separation are long and convoluted.  She is visiting her parents.  Dad lives 12 hours away.  Her mom is I think about four hours away.  I visit my sister during Thanksgiving but the ranch won’t let her take off on holidays.  My vacation time is already booked, with none left, to join her on this ten day excursion.  Even if I could, ten days from work right now is a bad idea. So we just can’t do this one together

She got up early for the trip… 6:30 am.  Odd to me.  I am never in a rush to get going or to get to a destination.  The journey for me is as much of the pleasure as the destination.  I value time spent with friends and strangers.  Interacting with people is a great pleasure.  Ah, but then I can equally enjoy time alone with my slave at a camp site or a cabin in the woods.  I suppose I look to squeeze the last bit of joy out of every moment.

And so, amputated or not, I won’t look to the drama of the situation.  I’ll look to the opportunities.  Today I’ll take an extra long day at the gym, I’ll visit with family, I’ll enjoy a nice meal. Life is what we make of it.  But all things considered, life is infinitely better when you can share it.  Carpe Diem my friends.. go be someones great day!


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