New Munch

So…. Friday we attended a new munch.  One in the area where I plan to establish the House of X.   Small group and as is often the case, some were people we had run into before, over the years.  Conversation was mixed and varied.  Had a hard time telling the personal dynamics.  Folks were more chatty about nilla stuff.  When BDSM does come into a conversation in the Hudson Valley, you can usually depend on the one great dungeon in the area to be a common focal point – ( FMB or Feel Me Breathe).

I am looking to establish some other BDSM startup activities myself, but I’ll wait until I am further along before going into that.  Suffice to say, between work and play, we’ve been pretty busy.  That should be obvious by the fact its Wednesday night and I am just now getting to recording our Friday activities.

This past Saturday and Sunday turned into the weekend from hell as far as work was concerned.  Two hours work here, a few off, four more hours work, a few more off, all weekend long.  I don’t think I hit REM sleep all weekend.  Monday was twelve straight hours too.  Thank God for a loving slave to come home to.  You know.. in spite of the crazy pace.. life is pretty damn good.

Izrina is having some dental work done this Friday and I am expecting to be nursing a hurting unit.  We’ll see how long my paternal instincts last before the demanding Dominant side gets tired of the role reversal.   Should be interesting.

Carpe Diem my friends.  Go be someone’s great day..