Act your age..

There are things that change as you age.  Somethings we know.. acne for example.   Most people get it when their hormone start to rage, but then it subsides… usually.   We know that the menstruation cycle will show up, and then there will be a time of hot flashes as it fades.   We know that those three little lines start to show.. crows feet they are called, near the corners of the eyes.  We know that as we age, the skin gets less elastic.. maybe you have seen someone pull loose  skin from the back of the hand, to demonstrate.   And then there are liver spots, and skin that begins to look like crepe paper.

Sex changes too.  Women can experience vaginal dryness while men increasingly find it difficult to obtain an erection.  Izrina is twenty five years younger than me, and while I am in good health and have no issues I am well aware that this may not always be the case.  I have been giving a lot of thought recently to the way the body changes, and what that means for couples.

I sat her down tonight, to discuss this, to prepair her to think about what it means to be tied to an older man.  Service to me as I age will increasingly be just that.  She is required to see that I have my supplements.. Vitamin D, a multi, DHEA, and I just added L-arginine as a natural stimulant for increased blood flow.  This with diet and exercise is working so far. I am also going to add testosterone to my yearly tests. As I said, I’ve been giving this some thought.

I suspect as people age, and sex become more difficult, the focus changes more to intimacy and companionship.  I know my interest in sex was much more ravenous in my youth.

In my sixties, an hour a day is enough..  usually..  Quickies are nice, though on special occasions, I can see my way clear to wanting to dedicate some serious time to exploring deeper in.  The point though is that the Ds side of the relation is intensely satisfying and in many ways nearly as complete a spiritual binding as having sex.  But I wonder..

Is that the words of a person who’s drive has lessened a bit?  Isn’t it likely that BDSM for the younger crowd is driven as much by the quantity of chemicals in their bodies, as is mine? Just as they have more, and I have less, shouldn’t that impact us both in significant ways?

I suspect that it is natural for BDSM to be more about the sex when you are younger and perhaps it is more natural for BDSM to be more strongly about the quality of the relation, as we age.

Its a generalization of course which makes the premise flawed in an overall context, but in a general sense, I would not be surprised if a study concluded that the goals of BDSM change to some degree with age, on average.

All I know is, I hope I am one of the lucky ones who’s body keeps up with his mind.. because in my mind, I am planning on having sex frequently for a very long time.  Carpe Diem my friends.   Go be someone’s great day!