Making Love vs Fucking

I have spoken before about Ds quickies.  It is one of the pleasures of being a slave owner.  You can have whatever you want, when ever you want.   I like a quickie.  I think you should test every corner of the house at some point.  The shower, the counter tops, a table, a desk.  Its good to be spontaneous, needy, and enjoy a little domination with fucking.

Now if your slave is not into the loving relationship thing, then making love just isn’t going to be something that should happen.  I on the other hand, love my slave.  There are times I want to express how I feel about her in the most intimate manner.  Of course there will always be some Domination in there, but for me the difference between fucking and making love is about the time I put into it, the sensitivity and kissing, the attention I lavish on her.

If I am fucking, I can just grab a handful of hair and push her roughly over a table.  But for making love, I’ll set a mood and I’ll build up slowly.  Well, that moment is coming.

I’ve booked a room by a lake with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi tub.   We’ll dine on steak, and drink wine while we recline in a bubble bath as the fire crackles in the background.  And then I’ll lay her down on fresh sheets and let my lips travel over the flesh of my slave.

The second or third time we’ll get to some fucking, but the first time will be slow and steady, a tidal wave building like a crescendo that erupts loudly.

My plans are no secret.  I want her thinking about this.  It gives her time to be nervous.  Her timid submissive side is so much more delicious when it has had time to guess and guess again how something will go.

Submission itself is delicious.  How much sweeter is it when you have a quivering happy slave beneath you?  Some may prefer to just fuck.  That’s cool.  But I want to be deeper.  I want to be in her head as much as her body.   For that, I need to set a different plan.

Carpe Diem my friends, go be someone’s great day.