Floppy flogger bunny

My flogger bunny is under the weather.  Its been brutal warm lately and she went out on a trail ride after miscalculating if she needed another layer… so she was cold.. then it rained.  Well she didn’t have her duster either..

When she came home that night her upper lip was pink, her nose running, congestion in her voice.  Yeah.  sick little bunny.  She took some hot tea, and echinacea .. plus some for me cause I’m not letting a little thing like that keep me from kissing my pet.

Off to work she went again today, so I made her some of M’s famous chicken soup.. well its more goulash or stew.  BIG pot, nearly two rotisserie chickens go in, with big chucks of potatoes, baby carrots, lots of egg noodles, some celery,  and a combination of broth and cream of chicken soup.  You can eat it with a fork.. lots of solid good food in every yummy bite.

Daughter came over… there was enough for four people to have three meals each.  We settled into a pleasant evening.. Chocolate ice cream with everyone’s favorite toppings for desert.  Izrina read another chapter from the book we are reading, while my daughter’s boy friend played on Xbox.  After the house of X is operational, we’ll have formal dinner every night.  Tonight though was a good taste of evenings to come.  Good food, good company, good entertainment.

Bunny is taking some for lunch tomorrow.  Hopefully she’ll be back in the pink soon.  Doing my M thing in the meantime, trying to mend my property with lots of care, love, and attention.  Carpe Diem my friends, go be someone’s great day.

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