The first kiss

This is a true story.  It is the story of our first kiss.

Izrina did not start out as a romantic partner.  She was a slave from the start.  She got a pat on the head, a good girl, a peck on the cheek or forehead when she did well.  So the time when the first kiss would happen become a milestone, a moment looked forward to with great anticipation.   This is the story of that first kiss.

As I said, Izrina, and I for that matter…  were looking forward to our first kiss.  Frankly the time when it probably should have happened had long passed.  But in due course I felt the time was right. And of course, I wanted to control the moment, to plan it out, have it fulfill the dreams of how I thought it might be, the visions that we so often have of our first kiss.

In the movie, Hitch, Will Smith’s character says, “Eight out of ten women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything that they need to know about the relationship”.  Certainly a lot rides on that first moment.  Will it be the hungry, impetuous kiss of two persons eager for sex?  Will it be that awkward fumbling that turns some off or others on?  Would it be slow, sensuous and passionate?

Izrina came home and I was cool, nonchalant.  I was playing XBox as she opened the door. She smelled as she always does after work of horse shit.  This was not the time for a magic moment  As she undressed and dropped her clothes in a plastic bag by the door as I require, I turned and commanded:  You get ten minutes for your tub and ten minutes for your shower tonight.

It is 6:15 I said.  Set an alarm on your phone for 6:30.  Izrina gave a puzzled look but took out  her phone and began to press buttons.  Set another, I said. for 6:40.  Another puzzled look but she complied.  May I ask, Izrina questioned, Why I only get 20 minutes?  No, I replied simply, and went back to my game.

Izrina disappeared into the bathroom and at 6:25 I turned down the volume.  Sure enough, at 6:30 the alarm went off and I heard her begin to drain the tub and rearrange shower curtains.  I smiled.  At 6:40, Izrina came out of the bathroom in a red silky nightgown, one of the many I love. There is something wonderful about skin against smooth silk.

As she exited the bathroom, I blocked her way, backing her into the wall.  I got close.. very close until our faces were just a few inches apart.  In my sternest Master voice I asked “Did you do everything I commanded?”  Izrina’s answer came quickly, sure of herself. “Yes Master” she replied.

I grinned my wicked grin.. “Are you SURE?”  I stressed.  Her voice changed a bit, her eyes shifting as she struggled to remember what she might have missed.  I grinned a broader grin, toying with her.  Still with a stern face, I grabbed her hair and pulled her face closer.  She did that thing slaves do.. the deer in headlights.. the “what now?” look.

And then I kissed her.  Not a hungry kiss.  A soft wet kiss.  I could feel her shock.. this was happening.. it was really happening.. our first kiss.   And then she returned the kiss, awakening to the realization that it was permitted.  Her mouth sought mine, not softly.. more hunger and passion, like she would gobble me up.  We stayed that way, testing, tasting, locked in our first embrace.

Then I pulled back by the hair and said.. “I think you bruised my lips.”


There have been many wonderful kisses since, and many more to come.  Carpe Diem my friends.. Go be someone’s great day.



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