Do or die

Into every life, there come do or die moments.  In war, on a battlefield, a do or die moment is quite literally a moment in which you must do or die.  These are moments when the next few seconds will determine if you live or die.

But there are many more moments in life when Do or die is figurative.  These are the moments when you will pass or fail, moments which will direct your life to success or failure.  This is the cusp.  You are presented with a narrow set of choices and whatever you choose, your life will change dramatically.

The lover fears this moment much more than the beloved.  A slave often understands this better than a Master.  This is because a slave can openly desire a Master, but a strong Master won’t show a weakness.. they won’t come crawling, begging to be served.

Some situations blur the do or die moments.  Marriage and long term relations for example often broaden this choke point, opening up the opportunity for prolonged periods in which a final change in direction is put off.   A job that pays really well but is one you hate, may cause you to put off the do or die moment of quitting.

Why are these observations important?  Because we need to recognize these important decisions for what they are.  We need to pay attention to when we have put off a “do or die” moment, and we have pay attention to when we make good decisions, and when we have made bad ones.  Sadly, the bad decisions teach us much more than the good.

Maybe that is because for all our efforts to be positive, we really do suck at it.  We often see say.. the blood and guts of war as the reality of suffering.. suffering is real… but the spontaneous joy of a beautiful sunrise or the touch of a lover as just so much confusing nonsense.. its not really, real. Not sure why people in general believe in the bad, more than the good.

I suppose it is because it takes real effort to break free from the world view imposed on us by so many.. parents, friends, media, groups, governments, religions.. they all want us to think their way.. and their way is often a version of “us” verses “them”.   These  influences draw sharp distinctions between good and the bad things, yet rarely all agree.

While we are talking about decisions, it is also very important to remember this:

We are always free to choose but not the outcome of our choosing.

All the best choices will mean nothing if the deck is stacked against you.  Sometimes, the outcome of your choices is far outside your control.  This is where I could speculate on the metaphysical aspects of outcome, but I think I’ll save that for another blog.

The point is, Masters and slaves need to pay attention how we handle those important moments.  The big choices.  How you make decisions is the second most important thing you can learn in life.

For a Master who wishes to teach this life lesson, nothing could be more important than to make sure that choices have consequences.  I personally have tons of patience.. but many a person has mistook that patience for endless patience.  There comes a time when I face a turning point.. I am beyond negotiation, where I have spoken my last word on a matter.  I personally prefer a three strikes approach to these kinds of things so the trick for me is to make that clear before the third strike. After I turn a corner, I’m not coming back.  Many Masters I know don’t have that kind of patience.. For some its one strike and you are out.

Up until now every time in my life that I’ve had a do or die moment, it has always been in the figurative form.  I hope I’ve made more good, than bad choices.  I truly hope it stays a figurative choice.  If the times comes for do or die to be a literal choice, I hope I prove up to the challenge, and if my life is given, it is for something good and useful.

Carpe Diem my friends.  Go be someone’s great day.

2 thoughts on “Do or die

  1. I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I feel there are certain times in life when the figurative do or die moments roll at you in rapid succession and then periods when it’s just the same old same old for long periods. Unfortunately many are too young or unwise to recognize the bulk of these moments until they are long past, and once you are old and wise enough to recognize it, you get so few chances to make that difference.
    But at the same time, you can always fight fate and set out to do something really wild to change that course. It’s the super risky side of do or die, but that freedom is probably what keeps a lot of people going even when they’re so unhappy.

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  2. Interesting.. almost a Joseph Campbell, “Hero with a Thousand Faces” observation. When we look deeper, each of us face our own personal version of that story told over an over. It is why when a writer follows Mr Campbell’s formula, we relate on a deep and personal level.


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