What a Master can do

What a Master can do..  to you.   A great Master with soft words can bring a slave to their knees, sobbing for forgiveness.   We don’t need to punish, in the rough sense, over a knee or such.. that is for play.

When we are seriously upset, we get quiet, controlled, our voice can become a monotone, and you know the walls have come down between you.  Its do or die time.  Any slave worth their salt knows when its time to get really, really humble.

I don’t have to raise my voice.  Izrina knows the difference between when I am talking with her and when I am talking to her.  We have a protocol for that.  We are like anyone when I talk with her.  But if I am talking to her, the eyes go down.  She is to look at the floor.  Any Master worth a damn can bring a slave to tears, with just words.

I alluded to this quite some time ago in Manipulation, trust, and slave happiness.  Tonight I would like to speak more, about what we do, and how we do it.  This isn’t a recipe or a manual though.  I can’t just give you some simple suggestions and then you suddenly will have some kind of magic control.  It is a mojo kind of thing.    You have to feel it, acquire it, but never work at it.



To control a slave, you must peel them like a grape and suck in their juicy center.  You pick them like a flower and inhale them deeply.  You just wear your slave as an extension of yourself but with passion.  You must listen to them, coax them, uncover their darkest fears, their ancient embarrassment, their denied passions, and you must see them in their naked beauty, that which lies beneath the skin, their glorious slave heart beating to discover the ultimate freedom found in the chains of their consensual bondage to you.

Izrina plays Sudoku.  She tortures herself endlessly with the most difficult puzzles imaginable.  And yet if I leave some mental challenge, a puzzle of another sort before her, she is likely to show no interest.  It is not so much the torture of a difficult puzzle as it is the the familiarity with the torture she has chosen.   Its a slave thing.  The delicious appreciation for a familiar torture, and the disinterest, perhaps even fear, of that which is new.  When you observe your slave, you will notice things, things unique to the submissive mindset.

Every slave is different, but there are some characteristics you will recognize.  Sometimes it is a nervous twitch under a hard gaze.. Or a body posture that speaks of a desire to not be noticed.. or called upon.  Maybe it is an unwillingness to make eye contact.  Maybe it is a ready willingness to come when called upon.  Maybe it is the smile that broadly shines at a compliment, or the self effacing withdraw at praise. Maybe it is the sad self inflicted beating they impose upon themselves for disappointing.

Maybe you see that your slave believes it is better to deal with the devil they know than the one they do not.  What ever motivates your particular slaves, you must see these motivations and lift them up.  A Master uses a slaves chains to lift them up from that which they cannot free themselves.

A “good girl” is one of the most wonder things a slave can hear.  It is worth saving for when a slave has been especially good.   “Master is pleased” is a more common comment, it lets your slave know they have done well, without any undue emotions.  The key is to praise your slave, in the same non-plus manner used when you are unhappy.  You want to be subdued, restrained in your praise.  You were meant to be served and they to serve.  Don’t make a big deal of it.

If you are going for self esteem, you want to reassure constantly.  It is important to let your slave know that who they are is very desirable.  If your slave is a woman, it is good to let them know they are beautiful in your eyes.   A woman needs to feel beautiful, to feel desirable.

If you are creating slut, you can forgo all that.  Though it is nice to mix it up.  Who says your slave has to always be a slut, or always needs to be built up.  Keeping your slave on their toes can be a good thing.  A delicious uncertainty of the social torture you will inflict is fun, and makes for wonder mini Ds moments.

Yeah.. watch your slave.. study them.  its how you do what Masters do.

Carpe Diem my friends, go create a great relation.



4 thoughts on “What a Master can do

  1. This makes a lot of sense to me. Often the greatest fear of Kit’s and greatest reason for her to show her gratitude to me is when an event arises that forces us into the unknown. A phone call over a debt. A need to replace a stolen credit card. Answering the door for an unknown neighbor.

    Part of the appeal of being a slave seems to be the consistency and predictability of life. Not to say the hate when you shake things up. But they feel safe in ambiguity that you offer because they trust in your control. And trust you to control the uncertainties that threaten their bubble from the outside world.

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  2. I have never raised my voice towards mine. I learned a long time ago before I speak I think about the words that are about to flow. So I think how is this going to sound? Maybe I need to reword it some , kinda like spell check. Once everything is in check I begin to speak in a low calm voice.
    In 5 years Arianna has seen me mad one time at our local DMV when asked if I could prove I was a citizen , yes true story , I had to bring back my birth cert and passport just so I could change the address on my drivers license.
    People felt and heard my wrath

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  3. I like that. I like when a person gets quiet when they are mad. It is like the saying, speak softly and carry a big stick. I would add and keep the stick behind your back… always keep them guessing just how crazy you can get.


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