Great curves

I love the curve of a woman.  The graceful way the back curves in and then flares our at the hips…. well actually I’ve seen than in people born with a penis too.. but I digress..

I love the hourglass shape.  I truly do.  It doesn’t matter if it is Izrina, or some other body.  Its the shape that draws me.. not the person. Hmmm not quite right.  I was watching Hitch, and the co-star is beautiful.   As Hitch begins to pursue her, to profess his love for her, for all he would suffer and do for her, I wonder.. is it for something a simple as a body?

What is it at the core of a person, that makes us willing to lay down our very life for another.. what makes us love another person.   I will tell you.  It is not for who or what they are.  It is for what our love makes us feel.  It is what the person does to us, how they influence us, what they change in our perception.

I cannot imagine a body, however perfect and sexy, being more desirable than Izrina.  It is what she means to me in her totality, that makes me see her through the eyes of love.  I am aware there are women out there with breasts more perky, bellies more flat, but does that interest me? No!

There are many very beautiful women in the world that I would not touch with a stick.  Their outer beauty hides a hideous and ugly interior.  Never under estimate that which lies within.

This is why we must not rush into a relationship or commitment.  It is only after the boundaries are stripped away, and we see a person for who and what the really are, deep down inside, that we can truly love and appreciate them.

I tell you now, the most perfect physical specimen, the most beautifully photogenic women on the planet, holds nothing to the women who knows and appreciates you, and has the magic to make you feel alive.

I have seen this many times.  It is not the beauty without, but the sexy and seductive side within, that wins over hearts.  Curves are great for masturbating.. but if you want a real flesh and blood women by your side that you fall in love with more and more each day, then grow up. Put aside simple things and learn what matters.

Carpe Diem my friends, love well.

2 thoughts on “Great curves

  1. I am with you on this my friend. Tits are great and a striking beauty is nice, but there is something about a the curve of an ass, the way the thighs from behind curve from hips and when she bends over, around that precious mound… mmm yeah.. For me, the ass makes it the physical package complete.


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