Kinky! Grandma

Did you know your Grandma was kinky?  Chances are, if she is in her seventies, she was.  Maybe not the way you are thinking though.

The thing is, my slave is very much a 1950’s housewife type slave.  She cooks, cleans, serves supper, and does little things to help release stress after a tough day at work.

Today we call that a slave but in the 1950’s we called that being a housewife.  The marriage vows stated it clearly.. To love, honor, and obey..

Perhaps it is not so strange that we call that kinky now.  For Grandma though, it was just the norm.  I would say that recognizing this kind of service as a form of slavery is an improvement over the 1950’s.

The problem with the 1950’s version of this relation was two-fold.. and both issues centered around gender.  It discriminated against women who were seeking equality, while also denying men the opportunity to be openly submissive.

The replacement of this model with equality should not destroy however, the desire by some people to enter into a relationship in which one is subservient to the other.   Equality simply opens the door for a consensual slavery in which either gender may negotiation a subservient relation.

Nor should the desire to enter into such a relation be shocking.  It wasn’t then and it shouldn’t be now.  There is much to be gained by this relationship model.  A Master-slave relation exchanges equality for equity.  The exchange is based on personal values.  Because what is exchanged is equal in value on a personal level.. it is equitable.   Equality is merely the starting point from which we can arrive at equity.

Speaking of strange perspectives…

I wanted my glass refilled tonight, and it would have been easy to just take care of it myself… but it is Izrina’s job to keep it filled… and since she was using my lap I would have had to disturb her no matter what.

So I bothered her to go fetch..  The thing is, if I try to take care of something myself, she might stand there.. wanting to brush me aside.. but also knowing as Master I can do my own stuff if I choose to.. and so there is that humorous moment when I would have to turn to my slave and ask the obvious question.. do you want to finish this for me?

That would not be a wimpy question that begged her to finish but a sincere one about her feelings.  I would be saying.. look, I planned to do this but I can clearly see you want to, so would it please you if I step aside so you can serve me?

I might be running a dish to the sink or a stray fork and she will snatch it from my hand. There is something humorous in that.  Its a bit like when I put my hand on her butt and say affectionately..Mine!  Well, it seems that when I try to do her service work, she has her own “Mine!” thing.  She doesn’t say it, but I can practically hear her brain thinking…  Hey!  that’s my job..  gimmie that!

Carpe Diem my friends..  go make a great day.