A suggestion, if I may

A great book, like a journey shared, reminds us not to rush to the end too quickly less we neglect enjoying the experiences collected along the way ~Xtac Quote

Izrina read again tonight.  I truly love the experience of her voice as the story unfolds, with its twists and turns, as our heroes suffer setbacks, and collect triumphs along the way towards whatever end the pages have in store.  Yes, its back to my smoking jacket and pipe evenings again…

If you are a Master, or an Owner, a suggestion if I may.  Have your slave read to you, or to your family if you have one.  If you don’t know what to have read, pick a movie you like and then order the book.   Or take a risk and have your slave pick something.

If you think its not something your slave will enjoy, show a little spine and order them to read anyway.  If you pick a story you know from a movie it will have unexpected sections that the movie didn’t cover, while having your slave pick will result in a story you cannot predict.

Perhaps you will like the story, or maybe not.  I prefer a surprise.  I find the unexpected is a good test of my ability to make the best of things, and often things that I wouldn’t have chosen turn out to be a pleasant change.,   With stories, its nice when you don’t know in advance where the story will lead.

I think you will find if you give it time, that a book shared becomes a looked forward to event, a moment of entertainment set apart from the usual mindlessness of TV, your faces all glued to the screen.  In a book, the reader and the listeners are engage with each other and it is a different experience.

I am sure like everything else, its not for everyone, but I can tell you that I look forward to our evening reads. If you give it a shot, I hope you find it as pleasurable as I, and if not, at least you gave it a try.

One last word.. the book selected is important.  Chapters that end in cliffhangers are the best because they cause you to look forward to the next reading, to find out what happens next.

Carpe Diem my friends, share an evening with someone special!


3 thoughts on “A suggestion, if I may

  1. Being an ex librarian, reading aloud to the masses (all ages) was something I enjoyed…I am glad you receive this pleasure.

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  2. and the fact my slave performs this for my pleasure, pleases me even more! An ex-librarian AND a slave.. that’s pretty hot. So.. did the dewey decimal system drive you bonkers?

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