Sammy says

My slave sits here reading threads on Fet and chuckling.  When I ask, its almost always in response to some smart ass remark.  She is a SAM herself..  a smart ass masochist for those who don’t know about SAMs.

Now she is usually fairly well behaved, but everyone now and then her nature gets the better of her and she lets one fly.  So I asked how it was that she couldn’t throttle that, knowing full well that being a smart ass is going to lead to me indulging her masochist side, but in a way that might not be as pleasurable as she hoped for.

Which brings us around to the concept of not hitting a dog with the hand you use to feed it.  The dog won’t know which is coming… a tasty snack or a smack.. and one day you might get bitten.   There needs to be separation between masochistic pleasure, and punishment.  A rod hung up just for punishment for example is lots of fun.. for the Master… especially when your slave is ordered to go fetch it.

At any rate, Izrina offered two thoughts..  First was that she has an “auto-response” and second is her “shut-up filter”.   Apparently when her SAM comments get loose, it is because her shut-up filter isn’t working… which means the “auto-response” is probably always working.  In fact I am sure that is right because every now and then my Master Mind reading powers tell me her shut-up filter is working overtime.

She is also part pet.  I like that side better.. when she curls up and fairly purrs.  Every pet needs a tail with a butt plug and ears.   Gotta pick those up one of these days.

Carpe Diem my friends.. go make a great day!


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