Not polite to point

In the movie “Yellow submarine” there are numerous humorous comments.. like the opening one..  Once upon a time..  or maybe twice…

The blue meanies are fascinating.  They giggle and laugh when being evil.  Young Fred, when faced with the dreadful flying glove says.. “Not polite to point.”  I have heard this saying before of course.. but why is it impolite?

Usually when you are pointing, you are pointing out someone… sometimes to point out something that you like.. look at the ass on that guy, or that woman is drop dead gorgeous.  Sometimes its because someone is dressed funny, or maybe its an inappropriate bit of humor, like an obese person double fisting two ice cream cones.

You want your friends to look too.  You want them to validate what ever it is you are thinking about the person you are pointing out.  I guess the reason you would usually point out someone is probably not a good reason.

Still, does anyone really care about pointing?  People are beating each other up over politics for crying out loud.  With the total lack of civility going on out there, does a little thing like what your index finger even matter any more?

On a personal level, I would definitely wag a finger at a naughty pup.  For that matter, I am fairly certain if I was making a point with my slave, I would drive the point home with a pointed finger.  I googled it…

Pointing at objects with your index finger is unacceptable in some cultures. In America and European cultures, it is considered rude to point fingers at others. This hand gesture is an indication of a dominant – to – subordinate behavior in the professional world.

I do like the idea of it being an indication of Domination.  I wonder..  does anyone even care any more?  If not, maybe I should do more of it…

One thought on “Not polite to point

  1. Hummm…Kit still minds when people point. Asians are notorious of doing that to degrade eachother. Not sure how Kit would react if Master were to point at Kit for a lecture. Suppose it can go eitherway. Really don’t like it when Master points at others be it someone walking a cute dog or something else. Just a pet-peeve of Kit’s…


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