A second last Bacardi in Vegas

So, I am here in Vegas sipping my Bacardi and coke, packed and ready for the long haul home tomorrow.  I’ve read a few blogs, answered a question or two, and now my mind as turned to the subject.. what to write about tonight…

Tonight, I just want to say it.. I’m a dick.  Not your ordinary dick, but a dick none-the-less.  One of my first acts I undertook during the weekend while MasterB and slave Kit were here with me was to have a new fan installed in our bathroom.  Why? because I am a dick.. and good isn’t good enough.  If it ain’t right, I’m going to speak up.

Sometimes when a person is down, I don’t console them.  If I think they are wallowing in self-pity or blaming another when they stink of shit too.. I’m going to say something.  That is because I’m a dick.

Sometimes, I just show no empathy what so ever for what my slave is going through, and make her do shit she really, really doesn’t want to.  Then again, I do that because I’m a dick.

In another sense, I am a dick because I am a man and like most men I can often be defined by my dick.  Truth be told, Johnson and I are really tight.  My dick doesn’t rule me but damn near.  I need at least one orgasm a day and I will have it, even if I have to take care of it myself..  Having a dick can be a bit like having spidey senses.. when it starts tingling you know that some action isn’t far off.

The thing about being a dick is, karma.  Karma just loves to give you back the dick you gave.  Today, I was handed.. quite literally… courtesy of a men’s room soap dispenser, a reminder that I am a dick..


I know I shouldn’t have my camera out in the men’s room but I had to shoot this…   Then I didn’t really want to wash it off.. but then I also didn’t want to grind it into the next hardy hand shake..

Soon I will be home and then I can make a creamier version.. and put it somewhere even less appropriate.  At least that version can be licked off.

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