Striking Art….

I’ve been walking past this painting each day


The plaque says the artist is Asher Hung and the title is “Spotlight”.

I want to replicate this but in this way..  Two beautiful women in long red robes on either side, and me walking in, wearing red leather pants and a red leather vest.

There is something incredibly Ds hot about his art.. the notion of two attendants of the opposite sex, standing in attendant repose, as a very strong and Dominant figure walks between them, dressed in garb instantly recognized as sexy…

Yeah.. I want to reproduce this with a twist..

The king, in Las Vegas…

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready..

No disrespect, man, but there is a new King in Las Vegas, and we call him MasterX.

Hobnobbing with Vice Presidents, and giving lessons over a pool table can give you an inflated ego.  Thank goodness mine was pre-inflated or it might be an issue.  Doing really well here today.

I had the opportunity to meet with some captains of my industry, and I would say I didn’t make an ass of myself, so that’s good.  There is that favorite quote of mine.. Better to remain silent and thought a fool than speak up and remove all doubt.  yeah.. I don’t roll like that.  I talked with a girl from college that was working to make ends meet.. which meant she served me my dinner.. and the clearly gay guy who sold me the drink to mix with Bacardi tonight, and in both cases I was.. well.. gregarious.

I tend to push on people, bring them out, and make them smile.  It’s my Master side of the slave in all of us, wishing to serve humanity, each according to our sacred role.  Grinning now.. didn’t so such a good job though when that lady who gave me the evil eye for lambasting Kit.  But that was a thing from across the room. I bet if she came over and actually talked with me, I could have gotten a smile out of her.


So now I am back in my room and feeling a million feet tall..   In that feeling my friends is a lesson for every new Dominant out there.  And slave for that matter.  Do I miss Izrina?  Hell yes.. like a dull throbbing in my nether regions.. wait. that’s something else..  yes.. I miss her deeply and passionately.  But I am who I am and i can’t stop being who I am, and I discover ways to be who I am, with or with our Izrina being present.

At first this sounds like a betrayal, but its not.  You need to understand that to love someone is to bring your happiness to them so that joy is multiplied.  If you NEED someone else to find happiness, then you are sucking at them, pull all of your happiness from them like a leech, and this is destructive.  Not that I don’t want Izrina to want and need me, I do.  But I would have her find her happiness with or without me.. I want her to always find her happiness.  Its the Masterly thing to do.

Slaves with and without Master’s need to know that their lives have value.. that somewhere out there is someone who will get hard or wet at the opportunity to offer their domination.. because they can see you are a good slave.  Yes, if you have this, they will see it, and they will come.  It doesn’t matter if you are a little fat, or old, or whatever…  A true Master loves a challenge, an opportunity to take a consensual slave and and remold them into the perfect slave for them.

If I told Izrina once I’ve told her a million times.. I want her to find her happiness in being a slave, no matter if she is with me or not.  Speaking of which.. she is doing something very unslave like and joining the girls for a night in a bar tomorrow.  Thank goodness she’s a good girl, and when she’s not it because I made her that way.

Still I worry about “nilla girls nights out”.  I think this is potentially a bad influence.  Entirely too many women.. and men.. see the opposite sex as the enemy they have to use and endure.. yeah.. bad influence that.  She must report on her way to the bar, and every hour at the bar, and when she is leaving..  I see it as a lifeline back to our way of life.  The choice of course to be a slave is and always will be hers because this is above all else, consensual.

But back to Master and slaves and the value we should see in ourselves…

I can’t stress this strongly enough.  We must find our own happiness, and know that we have personal value, before we can be ready to enter into a healthy relation.  And if you have only one of these, and are subservient enough, a Master can unleash in you the rest.   You just have to find the real Masters.. the ones who are not in it to get their cocks sucked, who can’t sustain if for more than 90 days.  You need a Master who knows they are a Queen..  or a King.. maybe of Vegas.. wait.. there is only one of me..

Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someone’s great day!