No big, in Vegas

Well, I’m exhausted.   With all the travel, and then early starts for work followed by late nights with my friends from LA, I am a bit tuckered out.  Yeah, I’m in Las Vegas, and it sounds cool and all, but somewhere around 4 I hit a wall and its all I can do to keep up my energy levels.

Strange how once I can relax, I suddenly don’t need rest as much.  So here I am, instead of collapsing into a nice slumber, typing away at the desk in my room.

Outside my window, the sky is blue and far off in the distance, grey mountains surround this unnaturally green valley we call Las Vegas.  I think, with all the water poured into this valley, and the trees, and all  the waste water that is discarded into the ground, I wonder how long it would take this valley to revert to its natural desert state if mankind just suddenly disappeared tomorrow?

I can see the tarmac I landed on, and beyond there truly is a lot of lush green which I can only assume are trees.  We humans are truly amazing.. and scary.  This is all so… .temporary.. held together by our engineering and refusal to accept the impossible.


So..  what to write about tonight?  On one hand, there is my slave whom I miss terribly.  But there are also the many things that happened while MasterB and his dear slave were here.

MasterB wanted to hand off his slave into my care for a few hours.  Not an unusual task.  I have done the same with Izrina.  Just to be clear though, this is not like a stranger asking to “borrow” your slave for some scene or sex.  This is a trusted friend you are giving your slave into the care of, for the purpose of creating a deeper sense of being property.  Since I am mentoring MasterB, I have advised him to think carefully about just loaning out his slave.  I tend to be more like Vile on this one.  My slave is not for use by anyone else.  I might give a slave into the hands of a trusted friend for training.. but not for use.

Let me make some observations about how it went with this training under a different Master.

First, it concerned me, as it should concern anyone that does this, that your slave might develop feelings for the temporary Master.  I was careful to keep my controls simple, and not too intense.

For example there was a period at a buffet, where I told his slave to get me orange juice with a splash of apple juice and she came back with just apple juice, stating they had run out of orange.  Now I knew that there was another station and I asked if she had checked for one.  She had not.  So I asked if she truly cared about me or the quality of her service.. about serving me properly.. Now if you know anything about slaves, when you start down this road of accusing them of not caring about their service it can cause a lot of self inflicted doubt and self inflicted pain.  I could see that if I pushed this, I could easily have made her cry, and I backed off, then sent her on another errand.  I used this as an opportunity while she was away to speak with MasterB about “triggers” that slaves have and how to use them, and when we should be careful not to tread to heavily.

A funny thing about that story.. this lady in the booth across from me, heard me reprimanding MasterB’s slave and gave me the evil eye… How dare I scold a full grown woman?  She was probably thinking.. you bastard.. get your own fucking orange juice.  Funny.  Ds in public can be a challenge at times.

All in all though, it was a pleasant evening.  At one point as I was commanding her, I got an erection.  It was then that I handed her back to MasterB.   I was enjoying commanding her way too much and knew I was the one crossing lines..  Not that I have control over what Johnson does.. but if I am interacting with someone other than Izrina, and he wakes.. well that’s just inappropriate and its time to back out of what ever it is I am doing.

I thought about that a lot.  There was no inappropriate action on my part, and yet I can’t shake the feeling of being inappropriate.  Maybe I am substituting embarrassment for inappropriate.   Its not the first time I’ve felt this either.  I think I’ll stop here before I get myself in trouble.  The chance to command presents itself all the time and it is after all the air I breath.

The take away from this should be that for people into Ds, you don’t need to have sex to be excited.  Someone whipsering “Sir” or “Master” can sometimes trigger a reaction in me.   Never under estimate the attraction of Ds.  It can be a very powerful thing.  To their credit, MasterB and his slave had already considered and discussed this in advance.  I’m proud of both of them.

Like any married couple, MasterB and his slave probably have times when they are less excited with each other than they would like to be.  It happens.  Especially in marriage and forgive my prejudice, but especially in nilla marriage.  Thank God they switched to Ds!  We spoke of how they could both be happier together, and the steps needed to make that happen.  I truly hope my contributions to their lives helps them fall deeper in love.

We wrapped up our last night together, watching the movie “secretary”.  I did a running commentary on it, and MasterB’s slave had lots of questions.  It was nice.. the discussion of where the actors did well together, where they made mistakes, and what would have been a better way to handle things.  Its just a story, but it makes good material for reference in real lives.

I wish I could have talked with my own slave more.  I have these long days with no breaks and when i do have a break, she’s not free..and visa-versa.  I haven’t had a chance to tell her any of this yet.  Reading this, may be the first time she gets these stories.

Now that all that is off my chest and this latest update is winding down, I am really missing Izrina.  I wish she was here.  I wish I had the chance to do things with her, that made me hard.  Damn it.

One last observation.  MasterB and his slave treat me like I am someone to look up to.  I am OK with that, within reason.  Again, I reflected on this. I am really just a regular guy.  Or at least I am in mind.

I’ve been doing this so long, that when I tear into a slave for misbehavior, its not really a big deal.. its just what I do.  The hard edges that some people see in me.. the way I treat a woman as property.. they see as an abuser.. like the woman across from us at the booth. Note: I recognize slaves as men or women.. but I said “woman as property” because it has a stronger impact for most people.

For me this “abuse” is just another day as a Master.  Its no big deal.  And I forget this at times.  When I get all Master like, I forget sometimes the impact it has on others.  So I asked MasterB and his slave not to glorify me or put me on a pedestal.  I am just another guy.

It may not make sense right now.  But one day MasterB will be talking with a brand new Master who will be in awe of him.. and then it will makes sense in a very personal way..  One day his slave will talk with a brand new slave and it will all be new and suddenly she will reflect back on the years, remember my words, and it will make sense.

This life we lead isn’t kinky at all for us.  Its who we are.  and sometimes we forget that what is normal for us is kinky for other.  Dual lives.. its a problem.

Now the sky has turned purple and orange as the sun sets..  I am really missing Izrina.  Carpe Diem my friends..  go love someone, if you can.  Viva Las Veags!



5 thoughts on “No big, in Vegas

  1. Very nice blog. Hope things don’t get too lonely in Vegas for you over the next couple days. We’ll gladly do this again next time you’re in Vegas. Hoping to take you to a Korean BBQ and demonstrate what I’ve learned as I showcase my slave and protocols in the setting.

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  2. I used to say.. “I WILL beat you”, to which she would reply.. “Oh! threaten me with a good time why don’t you?” That girl requires a Master to show some creativity sometimes.

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