Observing people in airports

I am in Vegas.. I did my people watching thing during transit.

Sometimes I see an older couple and I think how sweet. This was not one of those couples. He sat next to his wife who tapped with angry fingers into her phone. His face was worn and his mouth turned down ever so slightly at the ends. He sat impassively and I thought. Here is stone in a stream which has rode the currents of his steam so long, been tossed and tumbled so long, that all the sharp edges have been worn smooth.

I wanted to ask, been married long? But I suspected I knew the answer already: Too long. Not sure if my impertinence would be release humor or suppressed anger so I remained uncharacteristically silent.

It’s a funny thing, observing people who show no signs of affection for each other and yet simultaneously give you the impression they would never leave each other, is puzzling.

What makes a couple settle for daily pin pricks at each other, both seemingly miserable, and yet perhaps secretly happy with this odd love-hate relation?

It’s like two switches with equal part sadist and masochist have found each other. All I know is I have no right to judge. I might observe, even reflect to understand, but judge no. Each to his own. This is a critical thing all humanity needs to embrace if we are to make a better world.

And we of the BDSM community should understand this better than anyone..  To outsiders, all they know is, we hurt the ones we love.  We belittle and degrade them, and we use and abuse them.  From our perspective, nothing could be farther from the truth, but its where we are coming from, its how we see things that turns everything 180 degrees around.  Just as i would have other who cannot understand why I would own another person.. or that person would even want to be owned, I accept that what looks like a miserable life may in some way fulfill these people.

It goes back to my thoughts on Charlottesville.  We have two ears but only one mouth.  There is a reason. We all need to listen more, and speak less.  How arrogant are we when we assume we have all the answers for other peoples lives?

A quick shout out to the lovely Chinese couple who sat next to me on that long flight in from Philly ot Vegas.  I deeply appreciate our conversations.  You made the trip seem shorter.

To my side was a young. well young for me, gentleman of 30 years of age and his charming young lady.  Originally he and she were both from China.  We talked about every subject you can imagine.  From wages, to politics, to rockets, to love and life, we never seemed to run out of interesting subjects.

At one point I was asked what social media I followed.  None, I said.  I could hardly talk about Fet on the plane.  So I gave them information to find his site with a warning, “you may find this weird”.  I am very curious what they thought after they got around to finding these pages.  Wish I could have been less mysterious, and given frank answers, but trapped as we were for hours, with all those other people, I thought it best to let them draw their own conclusions.

Carpe Diem my friends.. make a better world.

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