Crazy hours and rabbit holes

I have been working simply crazy hours.  I haven’t taken a day off in three weeks.  Hell, I was supposed to take of Friday, but then this happened and that.  Been working at the computer at home, while Izrina plays on Xbox.

I am not complaining.  I like the sense of accomplishment. I also like that Izrina doesn’t complain about the time she loses to the job.  She understands and supports what I need to do to succeed at work.

Oddly, in spite of all the time lost today, she was extremely warm.  She had that “I love you madly” vibe just oozing out of her.   When I finally got home, I collapsed on the couch, and she stroked my hair as I napped.  I had been a twelve hour overnight marathon, and a stress feast to boot.  I was nice to lie there and just soak up the love.

The other night she prepared something new and didn’t want me to peek at the ingredients while she prepared.  It was spaghetti squash.  I’ve made spaghetti squash many times, but its always vegetarian.  She made this one with a mix of veggies and crumbled hamburger.  It was delicious.

This week I’ll be away from her for a week, and frankly I am thinking I am going to have a bad case of Master withdrawal.  Thank God I’ll meet up with some kinky friends in Vegas, or I might just go mad!

Tonight I called for my smoking jacket and pipe.   At least my version of it.  I dearly love my property.  She is such a good girl… and she gets better at being a good slave, every day.

There is a line in the movie: The Matrix.. Or you stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes… the BDSM life is like that.  Its a process.  Everyday we discover just a little more, how much we two can become one.  Instead of saying I love you, I often say or text 221.  It means.. two to one.. or two become one.   My will is her will, she comes more and more an extension of my plans and desires every day.  It can be a little frightening, this elimination of boundaries, but it is also incredibly satisfying and intensely powerful, this sense of oneness.

Carpe Diem my friends.. Go be someone’s great day.



2 thoughts on “Crazy hours and rabbit holes

  1. Work has been crazy for me as well , a ton of new products coming out mid September , 60 hours a week , although I work from home between meetings a phone time I am beat…

    I feel like some good Brandy and a good cigar

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