Paradoxs and random stuff

My slave isn’t perfect, which makes her just perfect for me.  One of those paradoxes life is riddled with.  Sounds odd I know, but if there wasn’t anything for me to fix, what would I do with my life?  And now on to some just plain random stuff.

First a little discussion on language.  If you are a protector, the person you protect is your “charge”.   If you mentor a person that person has two possible names: mentee, or protege.  I prefer protege.  Mentee sounds too much like mental.. or manatee, neither of which is flattering.

I have been working unGodly hours.  I keep an old fashioned notebook at my desk and I jot down my hours each day.  I’m on salary, so when I hit 55 hours, I stopped totaling the numbers.. but I still kept the daily notes.  I just didn’t want to know how bad it was.  Gotta be over 60 hours this week.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday, my days off.  Izrina was at work and I could be home before she got there, but there is something terribly masochistic feeling about not taking relaxant time you are entitled to.   Part of your brain is screaming.. why are letting them abuse you like this?   But on the plus side, the feeling of accomplishment is quite nice.  If you don’t feel like you are getting somewhere, its hard to find pleasure from accomplishment.  That’s why as a boss, its important to impart a sense to your employees that their contributions are making a difference.  You have to be careful not to tread on that..  The key is to motivate by acknowledging accomplishment, results, and progress.

Looks like I am headed for another business trip to Vegas.  I bet by the end of my trip I am as melancholy as when I wrote The last bacardi in Las Vegas.  A week is a long time for a Master to be without a slave.

On the plus side, some friends from California are talking about visiting on the weekend, which will probably mean one or two nights of diner together and maybe some more fun with floggers.  I don’t think I am even going to try hooking up with the night owls this year.  It was so much effort, and so disappointing, that I just am not interested.  Fuck it.

The other night, Izrina and I got to bed at what.. 10:30, asleep by 11:00.  Alarm went off at 4:30 and she was dead tired.  Got outside and it was raining.. not good for a pleasant horseback ride.   Then she texted me that the migraine from hell had set in.  I mentioned that I would definitely have a hot tub waiting for her, but she said she would rather just shower and collapse in bed.  Ok, we can do that.   Now, I used to keep her up all night at dungeons and bars until she ran her car off the road.  Now I make her get sleep.  So I was really concerned about her getting to and from work with so little sleep.  Well 6:15 came and went and I started to get nervous.  She gets off work at 5:30.  Finally at 7:00 I get a text she is leaving. WTF!   I was really started to get nervous about her, and her new car.  Turns out, it was the last day for one of the girls at work, and they went out for a drink afterward.  Grrrr!  She was quick to apologize, and after I got done scolding her, she said quite simply in a meek voice.. Yes, Master.  Dammit.  I always just melt when she gets all apologetic and meek and especially when the “Yes Master” comes out.   When she got home, I made her fix me some supper, and put away the dishes.  If there was time for a beer with the girls, there was time for Master to get some service too.  THEN, I let her collapse.  We got it all done with enough time for her to get seven hours.. her regular amount of sleep.  Like I said at the start.. she’s not perfect, but that makes her perfect for me.  Hmmmm.  I really gotta get that girl into a real job, with human hours.

Anyway, that’s the latest updates from living with X.  Carpe Diem my friends.. you know what to do.








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