Neglected Master

I was speaking with my friend and protege, and I lamented that I just didn’t have any material to blog about.  And then as we talked on a number of subjects, a few presented themselves.  Not the least of which was how much we look forward to when our slaves will get home.

With that realization comes once again the appreciation of just how happy our BDSM lives are in stark contrast to so many unhappy nilla relations.  My protege for example, not so long ago tried to live the politically correct nilla lifestyle and was miserable.  Now he AND his wife are much happier.  I really do think we have something to share with the world.. something that others might benefit from.  What we DO might not be for everyone, but what we know is.

While some might find our Master and slave obsessions to be destructive to their ideals of equality and rights, that is a misnomer.  To practice consensual slavery is to start from a place in which equality is a given, so apparent as to not to even be questioned.

True, some less enlightened souls, new to BDSM, think every white woman wants to be a submissive.  Every black woman is a natural dominant.  That men don’t desire to be a slave.  These neophytes quickly learn or are soon shunned.  It it only takes a little time mingling in the community to quickly be put straight.  People are individuals and only when we walk into a room as equals, can we begin the serious and important work of finding out who we are, and what we need, no matter our race or gender identification.

But from that place of equality, equity of happiness is sought as the higher goal.  We start from equality, and negotiate those things that will bring us happiness, in exchange for that which brings others happiness, and we do not let social standards influence that negotiation.  Logic dictates that if we can be mutually happy with another person, what we do together to achieve that mutual happiness should not be determined by society at large.

But I digress… It was a long day.  I started early to get a jump on the backlog at work.  I like to make myself available, to the degree that I can, for employees who need me.  It often leads to skipping lunch and on this day I missed my chance to speak with Izrina during her lunch break.  She would be working a long day herself since she had agreed to take a coworker’s evening shift as well, so it was important for me to catch her at her supper break.. which again I could not do thanks to pressing matters at work.  Such is the nature of my business.  Sometimes it takes precedence.  My slave is required to understand this.

So by the time I wrapped up and got home, I was very anxious to get a little Master/slave time.  I have probably mentioned this many times, but when Izrina gets in, she smells of horse shit.  She is required to put her clothes in a plastic bag right away, but the smell is still there. It may be perfume for horse lovers, but not for me.

If there was time, I usually have a bath drawn for her to unwind in.  She always has a suduko book by the tub and she will puzzle away for 60 minutes or so before she gets to a shower, and then comes out of the bathroom.  So I am usually waiting 60 to 90 minutes.

Well I was impatient, since it had already been a long day, and I was really looking forward to my Master-slave time.  I had already made myself something to eat.  The clock just seemed to drag on as she puttered away.  So when she finally came out all pink, clean, and smelling fresh in something silky, I was feeling neglected.

Neglected and just a bit grumpy.  So as I sat there, hoping she would turn to me like a good slave and ask if I needed anything, instead she heated up some pizza, and picked out a book to read with her late supper.  Now I was a slow caldron brewing.  Finally I said it.

I feel neglected..  I said.  She turned with big doe eyes, blinked.  I think we may need more protocols, I said..  And she replied,  We already have enough protocols. 

GAME ON!  Yeah, my first instinct was to think.. I am the Master.. I’ll make those decisions, thank you very much.

But then I thought about it.   You know, when you as a Master are unhappy, its probably because you haven’t acted like a Master.  Some time later, with a sly grin, I told Izrina, you are absolutely right.  Next time you are in the shower, and that drink that you are to  keep cold and filled runs out, I am going to drag you out of the shower to refill the damn thing.

As I related all this story to my protege, he chuckled.  I am pretty sure some other devilish Ds ideas will come of this.  It really comes down this.. if you are going to be Master, act like a Master.

And how you may ask, will this fit into that better way of having a relationship?  What exactly is so pleasant about the thought of dragging someone out of their warm and relaxing shower, all wet and naked to the kitchen, only to have them make you a drink you could have gotten yourself.. and then serve it to you kneeling with their head bowed?  If you have to ask then no explanation is probably possible and if you don’t, none is needed.  Just know this.. for we who would do this, it would be a pretty hot and exciting moment, that just might lead to more fun that evening.

Carpe Diem my friends..  go seek your happiness.  You will most likely find it by being someone’s great day.





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