Insanity, plus slaves in skirts

If you read Trouble in “X town” ~ with hair! then you know my concern with my slave and skirts.  Basically, I’m weird.  I like Izrina to keep soft, unshaven hair on her legs but then she needs to shave if she is going to wear a skirt.

And if you read MINE! …. (mine) and were paying attention, you noticed that Izrina got a new car and to pick it up, she wore a skirt so we could go to a celebration dinner after we picked up the car.

Now, no one pointed out the obvious problem in these two things, which sort of surprised me.  I thought that at least one comment would have a question mark in it.


She’s had the car a few days now, and as life does, the new and exciting blends into everyday boredom.  Its a trap that we all fall into.   We build and then hope that which we build will stand forever but it never does.  We clean and we hope that which is neat, tidy, and organized will stay that way but it never does.  We paint, mend, and repair but there is always more to do.  We diet and exercise, but it always requires more work to maintain.

And then we complain.  Hmmmm  well others complain.  Not me.  I’m weird after all.  I’m the pink monkey in the cage.  I stand out and its the tallest nail that gets hammered first, its the tallest blade of grass that gets cut first, its the fastest growing hedge that gets trimmed to look like all the others…. first.  All good reasons to not stand out.

But then I think.. its the second mouse that gets the cheese.  You just have to be smart about these things.  I went to work on my day off yesterday and it was fine.  No complaints here.  Going to work on my day off was better than OK, it was good.  Some might think that’s a little insane.  I would argue, that if you won’t do the work to find your happy place, the perspective that lets you love life no matter what it brings, then you are the insane one.

Izrina had to work anyway, and there was a mountain of work that needed doing that I didn’t have time for on Friday, and I was still home in time to draw a bath for my weary slave to unwind in.  We had a nice evening after she prepared supper, and though she had to be up at 4:30, and our evening of dinner and a movie ran a little late no dishes were left in the sink.

Now I could complain about how busy our lives are but I did not.  I didn’t even need to correct my thinking a little.  I was happy.   Happy and pleased.  There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment to turn work into pleasure.  It is like exercise.  You know its going to suck and you know you are too tired to start but when you are done you suddenly have more energy than when you set out to tire yourself.  Work with a great attitude is like that.  I have trouble sometimes getting started on a thing.. but here is what helps with that..

To help you get started on a thing, think ahead to the satisfaction you will feel when its done. You won’t always beat back the power of procrastination, but this trick has often come to my rescue. ~ Xtac quote

So the day ended well, but there was one thing I needed to do still.  Izrina was on the couch and I pulled up our little foot rest and stared her down.  She gave that little nervous look she does, when she is not sure if I am going to be speaking “with her”, or “to her”.  The difference is important, since our protocols call for her to look down when I speak “to her”.   I told her to stand and remove her jeans.  She looked puzzled, but she is a slave after all and rose to comply.   And as she stood there, jeans around her ankles, wondering what evil I was up to, I ran my hand up from her ankles and commented.. “hmmm nice soft hair.”

Now when she came out in a skirt a few days before, she had a smile on her face.  And of course I had said there were only two choices.. keep the hair and wear jeans, or shave for a dress.  But this minx decided to prove me wrong.  I did not however give her the satisfaction of observing that at the time.

It has been said that revenge is a dish best served cold.  Well, I am hear to tell you that many of life’s lessons and pleasure share this observation.  Just when she had forgotten her cleverness, just when she had decided to believe that I had not noticed her solution, THEN was the time to compliment her.

So as I ran my hand across her soft hair, I commented.  “You wore a dress the other day.”  Now it dawned on her where I was headed with this and a broad smile crossed her face.  Master HAD noticed.. She said simply, “yes.. tall leather boots with a longer skirt.”

“Clever girl”, I said and rose to hug her.  And there it was.  Another mini Ds moment with all the trimmings – The orders, the sudden fear, the submission, the sudden surprise, the pleasure.  Its the little things that can make your day.

If you hate what you do.. be it your job or the constant maintenance, I would say you need to rethink that.  It is all part of life and life is too short to spend it hating any part of life.  There is always something to take pleasure from.. if you put your mind in the right frame, if you choose a perspective that allows you to draw pleasure from pain.  If anyone can do that, its the BDSM community, so my friends.. go forth.. seize this day.. make it yours… and draw pleasure from your accomplishments, and let at least one of those accomplishments be, that your were someone great day!



6 thoughts on “Insanity, plus slaves in skirts

  1. Gaaaak! 0 to 1???? Fortunately for you and Izrina my “slave conspiracy” senses are not tingling or Master Bun and I would need to qwell this uprising!!

    But on a serious note, if a Master is to own property, it should be valuable property.. and what is more valuable than a sage partner who can offer new perspectives and creative solutions you may not have thought of.

    Not that any of that should go to anyone’s head. Never forget who holds the paddle!

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  2. Until recently Arianna had my initial shaved just above her clit 4 years as a matter of fact. The rest was shaved smooth. Arianna works in public and is around 50.000 thousand people on any giving day and has to wear shorts so shaving is a must.

    Here lately ive been on a 50’s kick meaning the year 1950 and have ordered several dress’s for both girls from that time period along with petticoat.

    Now there is just a small patch of hair just above the click it is nice and full , makes it easy to pull

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  3. Oh and work with good happy attitude. Think Kit finally managed it today. Finished an insane day of endless appointments on time and still get to play with a super cute Italian greyhound puppy. =)

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