MINE! …. (mine)

The word escapes my lips before I even realize I was thinking it..  Like teenagers with puppy dog eyes that can’t help but say “I love you”, over and over until you want to throw up… because you have begun to wonder if the words have any meaning any more, the words just burst forth in this gushing emotional sap.

She lies beside me, recumbent in her delicious submission, my hands explore, traveling up her calve, her thigh, until my hand cups that delicious crease where generous buttocks meets leg and then the word escapes my lips…. mine!

Like those insipid teenagers I find myself all too often speaking this word that expresses my feeling before I have even thought out what it is I want to say.  Mine!  I have been thinking about this word, and what it means to me and why it fits so perfectly.

We are after all Master and slave.  Izrina is first and foremost my property.  The word “mine” fits into the context like a surgeons glove.  The word “mine” is so Ds it hardly needs explanation.

In a nilla relation, I might be called “possessive”.  That’s a description with a negative connotation.  And yet when I say it in this relation it warms us both.. She is mine and she loves this, that I value her above all else I own.  She is my treasure, my prize, my greatest desire.  All of these feelings that well up inside.. to have, to own, and to be owned.. it wraps up into a ball of greedy desires for more… its the passion of teenagers.. its the lust of wanton lovers.. its all that and more.  I don’t know how to say it any more plainly…. but the word “mine” says it all for me.  It says what “I love you” only begins to touch upon.

And as I think about these things, and the negative side that some might see in being “possessive”, I wonder which of us is more correct?  Certainly there are aspect of the way I am, the way that we are, that worry people.

I felt Izrina wasn’t being respected and treated fairly by an auto dealer, so I got on the phone with him.  Now in some circles, people would think I am “that” kind of guy.. the violent one who gets in everyone’s face and thinks he can bully people that do not treat his girl well.  Izrina was worried that I would be rude to him.  I was not.

Well, in my way of thinking, I was not.  I simply wanted him to make her a priority, and make sure he was working with her, on her schedule.   She can’t just have her phone startling her horse while she is out on the trails.  Plus she has very long days that start early and end late.  Plus, he definitely didn’t want her in his showroom smelling of horse shit, so…. It was in everyone’s interest to make sure he didn’t miss her next window of opportunity.  All of which I pointed out in my best behavior, salesman to salesman manner.  It was in everyone’s interest for him to find a way to fit her schedule, into his.

Speaking of which, she has a new car.  She had time to get a shower and put on a dress, and still pick it up after work.  Afterward we had dinner out..  a little min-celebration.  She looked stunning of course.. mine!

Carpe Diem my friends..  Go be someone’s great day!

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