“My Master” and other things bigger than ourselves

My slave is not allowed to utter the words, “My Master”.  I own her.  She does not own me.  Ah…. but how infinitely desirable is it to a slave to be able to speak these words?  How completely bland and tasteless, how abjectly lacking in emotional content is the replacement.. “the Master I serve”?  I slipped the other day and then corrected myself, but it lead to a long reflection on this.

The word “my” conveys so much more than just possession.  It says, this it the one Master for me.  It says this is the Master to whom I have given my devotion, my loyalty, all that I am.  The word “my” carries with it such wonderful gravity of expression..why is that? As I examined this, I realized that this simple pronoun has no replacement and with it came this revelation.

That which we love, we feel we must possess.

This insight reveals a fundamental flaw in our collective thinking.  It says, if you love something, you must conquer it.  I asked.. is there nothing that is greater than us, that conquers us rather than we conquering it?  Is there no suitable replacement in our language that is possessive, but reverses that possession?  This reveals a very basic error in the collective thinking of English speaking people.  It is so ingrained into our thought that we barely are aware that there are things that have all these feelings.. things that we give our devotion, loyalty, and selves to, but which possess us instead …

The idea of love being limited and a commodity to be fiercely guarded is a concept that I don’t understand. ~ Slave_Shylah

When we understand that Love is a force of unlimited potential, and that we can be conduits for it, and that it can fill us with more joy than we can bear.. to the point that we can ask the maker to stop… we realize there are things in this life that can possess us.  The sky, nature, beauty.. we are surrounded by thing that if we open our hearts are breathtaking and fill us… yet we do not say.. my sky, my nature, my painting..

My, mine, yours, ours.. this language needs an antonym to the pronoun my..  perhaps sy… something that says this thing possesses me.. rather than I possess it.  Or. That thing possesses you.  Why “sy”?  Well it seems to me that we Masters express our love by possessing it, but a slave expresses love by being possessed. M for my, s for sy.. just throwing it out there.  You’ll have to figure out the other replacements.

It is a shame that our language is so limited, as to not recognize that there is more than one way to express love.  In fact, the slave expression of love is very appealing.. it recognizes that there are things bigger, more grand, greater than ourselves.. and that is important.  Even we Master must bow to this fact.

We as a society need a pronoun that lays the foundations to correct this fundamental flaw in our thinking.  If our language recognized that we can possess, or be possessed, this would lay the foundation for a broader understanding of the really important things in life.  Nor do people always choose to be possessed by the good things.  Some persons become entangled in hatred, allowing it to possess them.  There is a very definite need to understand and express that this.  Possession is not black and white.. It is not simply, I own something or not.  A thing can also possess you.  Be conscious of possession and know this.. if you allow a thing to possess you, let it be for love, not hatred, or covetous feelings.

So there you have it.  Just some of my daily musing on this life as a person who owns a person.  I simply adore my slave.  In our morning ritual, as my slave asked as she does each morning for my Dominance, I stopped her and asked.. why do we do this ritual?  The answer dear readers, is to reaffirm that this is consensual.  Yes, I own her body and mind but she reaffirms each day, her desire to be owned.  It is good that we found each other.  It is good that I am that thing that is bigger, grander, and worthy of giving herself to.  And it is good that she expresses her love in this way, because I must possess that which I love.   We fit, it works, and it is good.  Better than good.. it is freaking wonderful.

Master and slave relations fill a gap where there is a huge hole occupied by a word that doesn’t even exist.  The English language cannot even express “the Master I serve” with a basic pronoun that says this possesses me rather than I possess it.   Master and slave relations are so much more than simple kink.  We are a community of thinking, caring loving people.  We are bold and intelligent people who have much to share with the world.  Small wonder that we express things there are no words for.

Carpe Diem my friends.  Go make the world a better place, as a Master, as a slave, as a thinking, caring person who knows there are things bigger than ourselves.


5 thoughts on ““My Master” and other things bigger than ourselves

  1. It’s really interesting that you pointed out there is no such pronouns that indicate things possessing us…don’t think there is any in chinese either…

    Think here on earth as humans, we’ve evolved to beings that are programed to discover and conquer new things. So there are no other sentient beings that have the power to compete with us or to own us. Therefore there isn’t any need for such pronouns…not until a more advanced life form that discovers earth…

    The things that we are captivated or possessed by are only there when we take the time to appreciate or to contemplate. We can be owned by the things we own because we spend so much time to maintain, to clean, or to organize. Our livelihood is dependent upon Mother Earth. She has been good to us so we can survive. We are always so busy with our day to day matters that we don’t realize that we are owned by both animate and inanimate objects. So in the end there should be a word to indicate our service to greater things. But sy sounds weird though just saying =D

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  2. Our language isn’t limited, it’s complex. Most of our words have multiple meanings. If it was concise we wouldn’t have double entendres. My family, my city, my religion, my country, these are things I am a part of, I don’t own them, I may contribute to them, but they do not belong to me or not me alone at any rate. To me “my master” doesn’t mean I own him, it means I belong to him, with him. I am a part of him and he is a part of me.

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  3. I can see your point and I can agree with what you are saying , but my thoughts are when Arianna is speaking with other female subs or slaves she does use the term My Master letting others know she is in fact owned.
    It has been 5 years since Arianna has used my first name , my first name is a huge no no…

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  4. I could probably forgive if Izrina were speaking with other slaves and thought…. “Back off bitches, My Master”.. LOL.


  5. That this pronoun works for communication and therefore is good enough, is certainly a valid perspective. That would depend entirely of course on what your personal expectations and requirements are to adequately communicate what you are thinking and feeling with words.

    None of this word play however is in my estimation, important. The only truly important communication is made through action that interacts with others. When we become someone’s great day, when we express what we are and feel through deeds instead of words, we have contributed something truly meaningful.


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