Slaves and souls

This is one of those spiritual blogs… no hot throbbing juiciness, so if that’s what you are here for, you might want to skip this one.

So, I’ve been sick.  Really sick.  Today, I was struck with the thought of just how much mental acuity I was operating without the past two weeks.

Now there is no better time in my estimation to meditate than when you are sick.  My reason though may surprise you.  When you reach into the purple chakra, and open the third eye and you see that you are not your body, a number of things happen, and one thing in particular that has happened to me is, I want to be able to be this self, no matter what my body does.  In other words, I would like to die, while spiritually conscious and be awake to watch my body die.  Yeah, morbid perhaps for some, but in another sense, what better way to better understand your karma and your self than to finally be able to leave this life awake?

So while I was really, really sick, I meditated and the purple chakra just resisted me.  It didn’t want to open.   Eventually it did, but as I sat there meditating and watching over my body and enjoying this minor victory, I was struck with how this mindset of not seeing your body as yourself is very slave like.. and suddenly I was struck with appreciation for my slave.

When she speaks in third person, she is in effect, adopting a very similar point of reference.  And as I let these experiences wash over me and tasted and relived my many experiences with slaves, I was struck again with the notion that perhaps slaves are better aligned with their spiritual selves than we Masters.

So I turned my focus to the great spiritual leaders of the past and I asked, were these people of the mindset of slaves or Masters?  Take Gandhi or Christ.  Did they crave to be leaders… or did they crave to serve and their followers were a byproduct of this?  A great slave who is also a friend, was thrust into a position of being a Master.. and she felt that she could be a Master AND a slave through service to the community.  Interesting..  Are the great leaders, both political and spiritual like this?

Of course all of this is just finger-painting..  dabbling in meaningless dribble.  Its an intellectual pursuit and we must never forget that the intellect is a trap for true wisdom.  Not that we should not pursue knowledge, but it ultimately leads to us realizing that all the knowledge in the world points out how little we can really define and know things.

Ah well.. it was fun dabbling though, and it brought forth some interesting observations.  Ultimately, we are all slaves and we are all Masters in our way.  These games we play with our bodies are really just meaningless fun.  What really matters is what we hold in our hearts, and those we hold close to ourselves.  Carpe Diem my friends.. Be well, and meditate.

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