Oh wait! You’re here!

So…. a lazy afternoon and I am on the couch trying to give my body some much needed rest.  Drifting in and out of sleep, I was in a nice fuzzy warm place.. not quite asleep, not quite awake.  In the background, the Izrina is laughing at some witty back and forth banter on a Fet page… nice.. I love to hear her laugh.

Through this warm fog, I hear her talking..  maybe to herself, maybe to me.. she probably didn’t know.  It went something like this..

hmm now a nice hot tub and a shower
let’s see.. ummmm.
Oh wait.  You’re here!  I don’t need to take my cell phone.

As I lay there, I grinned.  It was one of those moments.   I got up walked into the bathroom where she was playing seduko while waiting for the tub to fill.  I took her face into my hands, kissed her on the forehead, and said.. Oh wait.  You’re here!  I don’t need to take my cell phone.  Then I crawled back under the covers on the couch.  Izrina stuck her head around the corner, a grin on her face.. I said something funny?

For many slaves, every question is… is it good?  Did I do well?  With Izrina, who has a moral fear of embarrassment, on top of everything else she ALSO doesn’t want to come of as a ditz.  She was asking me to reassure her, as much as to explain.

That, I said, was one of those golden moments I will wrap up and keep.  What that told me was that when you change from one room to another, one of your first thoughts is… will Master be able to reach me if I am needed.  Its very sweet my pet.

She smiled broadly and skipped off to her tubby, a happy little flogger bunny.   I drifted off to sleep, still warmed by the moment. Big things come in small packages my friends.  Go be someone’s great day!



Master’s orders

A quick health update..  cold moved from my throat, to my ears, to my sinuses..  Been chasing that sucker around the body and it just doesn’t want to quit.  I kind of feel sorry for Izrina since she has been looking forward to a relaxing week off and instead had to endure coughing 24 x7.  Just a day or two more and it will be fine..

We went on a hike today.  Nice walk.  Stopped and had some cold alcohol drinks at a scenic spot.  No drugs for the cold in me, so it was ok..  plus.. I only had half of mine..  Moderation… Carved a heart into a tree.  Something nice about knowing your proclamation of love will be there when you come back years later.  For you tree lovers..I didn’t cut deep and I thanked the tree when we were done…Really more of a tree tattoo than a carving.

So two interesting things.  Some days the rituals and the protocols don’t cut it.  I know we are Master and slave but some days I am just not feeling it.  Some days I just need to feel my Domination by putting it to use.  Today was one of those days.

Izrina was busy playing an XBOX game and I paused as I came into the room.  She was clearly having fun.. and the thing about these games is, you become blissfully unaware of anyone else.  That plus you can reach a point where you simply do not want to be interrupted..   I do this thing with a dog where I hold out some scrap and the dog is watching the scrap and then say.. does he love me..while holding the scrap in front of me..  or the food? and I move the food out to arms length.. of course the dogs eyes go with the food.  So in another sense, I was thinking.. which does Izrina love more..  her game time?  or me?  Now I am grinning quite broadly.. and I say.. hit pause..  She hits pause, looks at me and says… Oh no.. why are you grinning?  I pointed to my feet and without a word, she crawled across the floor and dropped to my feet in worship position.

Did I have to interrupt her game for that little meaningless exchange?  Yes!, and it wasn’t meaningless.  You are not a Master, if you can’t command.  You are not a slave, if you are never commanded.  Once in a while it is absolutely critical that you taste the flavor of your power exchange.   I gave her a nice swat on the ass, and sent my little flogger bunny back to her game… We were both warmed by that Ds quickie…  plus worship involves cock worship.. so yeah.. very nice connection there..

Later, as we sat down to dinner, hmmmm delicious…  Izrina served in protocol fashion wearing a silky red thing, and before starting I told her to swap in the next DVD in the series that we are watching at dinner time.  A normal enough order… but as she got up to comply, I stopped her..  but I want you to swap the disk naked..  disrobe first…    This provided her with the opportunity to do a mini-strip tease,  and I got to examine my property as she swapped out the disk.   Another Ds quickie.

Part of the challenge you face in a 24×7 relation is keeping it fresh.. coming up with simple little orders that keep the sense of the Ds relation alive.  Its so easy to become complacent..   to do the same thing over and over.. Not that there is anything wrong with a routine.  Routines are nice.   But you do need to find little Ds quickies to throw in once in a while.  They may seem small and insignificant.. but it always the little things that pay off big.  Carpe Diem my friends..  Go be someone’s great day.