Vacation sickness

NO, I don’t have Montezuma’s revenge, I didn’t pick up any strange intestinal distress while on vacation.  What I did do was work two back to back 60 hour weeks, plus assorted other stuff with my daughter while she was back from college and I think I pushed way too hard.

I’ve been sick…. really, really sick.. the kind where your body can’t tell what your temperature is.. you know you have a fever and you can feel the sweat, but you have chills and are shaking.. woo hoo! What a ride! Wouldn’t want life to get boring..

Not complaining… just letting you know there is a good reason I haven’t been posting.  So I’ve been resting and ordering my slave around.. on HER vacation.  Yeah… I said her… usually that particular word is not allowed into our vocabulary but everyone needs a little vacation time.  I am sure this is not the vacation time Izrina imagined.

Going to keep this brief.. Need to rack up some more sleep.  No worries though, I am sure there is a reason I let this happen.  I’ll just have fun with it..  Been a bit loopy..  Izrina thought I got into the cough syrup.  Nope.. just a little chakra work.. works every time.  Carpe Diem my friends.. go make a great day..  no matter what!


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