A collar and fire

So, the time has come to write of this weekend.  What can I say?  I walked in knowing I am a Master, I walked out a feeling like the Master I knew myself to be.  It was a glorious evening in every way.  It was a night for Raven and the Fairy Queen… but as is my way, it was also about me.

We were to start at 7pm, but some folks were running late.  No matter, eventually the ceremony started.  Raven was wore a lovely thing that had a hood.  I remember, red and white.  Her garment had a hood which we drew over her head, just above the eyes.  I walked her to the alter, drew back her hood, kissed her on the forehead, and presented her to be taken and owned.  Such was my role, as father of the bride.

I then took a seat near the front.  They did a version of the ceremony of roses.  I won’t go into the details.. it involves fire and water, a red rose and a white, and a chain.  Each draws blood from the rose thorns, and if you have been to one of these, drawing blood from a finger with a rose thorn is always less dramatic than you would think… it always takes a few tries..but more often, many, many tries.  Fingers never bleed when you want them to.  If you want to know more about the ceremony,  I have details on my DSG group.

The vows were very intimate and passionate and Sno began to sniffle.  It was very beautiful.  The new owner declared herself the fairy Queen and took Raven as her knight.  What followed was congratulations and then food and milling about.

Then the play began.  I claimed the fire station, and did a scene with one of Raven’s friend from Connecticut.   A lovely young lady.. I had her strip and then warmed her up with some fire to her back, then flipped her over, and worked her breasts, thighs and nipples. I placed an ankle up on my shoulder and worked her inner thigh and down in to the good stuff until she was squirming quite nicely.  She began to go under.  Her eyes closed but moved rapidly beneath her lids like in REM sleep.  Raven came over and we worked her energy, commanding her to cum.  She collapse very nicely with the most pleasant of sounds.  I carried her to a couch and put her into the arms of the man she had arrived with.  This was his first dungeon visit.  We had talked earlier, while feasting.  Conversations about what we do, why we do it, and about his life and his adventures of late. She lay happy and content in his arms and as I stroked her hair,  I said, THIS, is why we come to a dungeon. She was down for quite some time, and he gave her all the attention and aftercare needed.

Next I helped Raven out of her corset, her beautiful ass sticking out at me and I couldn’t resist but to bend her over and take just a few less than gentle bites on those lovely mounds before putting her on my table. Before i started though, I commanded her to kneel before me in worship, then rise to remove my shirt and put on my leather vest, so that I could be properly dressed for this scene.  Finger nails across her back, then fire, gentle at first.  I flipped her and began to work nipples.  Then down to her thighs.  I rocked the fire back forth in her thighs and she squirmed under the heat.  I worked up close to her most private parts and down again.  She too was done nicely. I covered her in a blanket and lay beside her, stroking her as she rode the waves of subspace. When she was conscious enough to move,  I carried her to the Fairy Queen for aftercare.

A young lady, who had just started to take estrogen, agreed to give my fire a try.  Long thin arms and legs, not yet filled with women’s curves,  her breasts just starting to grow under new chemicals, I applied fire gingerly to her nipples.  When a person first starts the change, the nipples can be very, very sensitive, so I was careful to not over do it.  Then up into the thighs, I placed my hand over her package, to protect her from the fire, and she moaned with pleasure from the pain, the contact, the control I was pushing.  She talked, nervous talk.  I knew I didn’t have her mind yet, so I had her close her eyes, talked her through breathing exercises until she relaxed into a lovely state of euphoria.  At last, she too went down into that lovely state.  Raven helped we with her aftercare.. I carried her to the couch and into Raven’s arms.  Later, she would speak in gushing terms of how much she loved that scene.

An older couple a man and woman.. possibly fifty or sixty.. watched with interest as I created one scene after another.. the sexual tension, the pain, and the obvious pleasure was plain to see.  They watched in fascination, one scene after another.  There is a thing that new Sadists do.. they scene for the crowd, they look to see who is looking.  I do not. But you cannot have your eyes open and not see who is near, who is watching, who is fascinated by the things you do.

Sno approached at some distance and signaled with the protocol we teach slaves to use when they wish to be acknowledged.. when they wish to speak with a Dominant.  I was puzzled at first,. but then I realized she want to speak.  I never had a Dominant signal that to me before.  I had to adjust my thinking for a second.  She didn’t wish to interrupt my scenes and she knew I knew what that meant.  I motioned her over and she mentioned that the woman on the couch would like to “experience me”.  I agreed.

Sno is a woman of incredible power and grace.  Her use of the slave protocol was out of respect for the scene, nothing more.  Still, when a slave uses protocol like this it is a rush.. so the feeling I had was a mix that was confusing.. briefly.  Here is a woman who carries her power with style.  More Dominants should show such confidence and grace.  Respect shown is not about the one you give it to, it speaks of your own culture and refinement.  A person of quality, shows respect to all, at least until respect is lost.

The older woman took of all of her clothes so quickly, I was surprised.  I was expecting a shy Grandma kind of thing. She had a nice body.  Perhaps not through the eyes of an eighteen year old, but I am no spring chicken either.  Nice curves, skin still somewhat elastic, full breasts that didn’t sag.  Very nice, I thought.   I asked if she had ever tried fire before and she said no.  So I had her sit beside me and explained why she would not be burned.

You see, I said, only the vapor burns.  So there is always a thin layer of liquid between the flame and you.  It is why burning hair in this way always leaves stubble.  You can’t burn hair down to smooth, because the flame never actually gets to your skin.  I then set myself on fire to demonstrate.  Next, I told her, I will set my hand on fire, then put it against you to put it out.. so that you can feel very briefly what I feel.

I slapped a generous amount of burning fuel onto my hand and then pressed it against her arm, putting it out..  See?  I said.. its only warm.  No pain.   Having disarmed her initial fear, we got down to the scene.

I helped her onto my table, and ran my nails down her back.  I started a passing of the fire wand just off her skin, down her back, and legs.  A few times she said.. “too hot”  but generally we were good.   I quickly learned which parts were too sensitive, and which were good.  She started to go into subspace, and I called over the man…. maybe her husband? and we touched her third eye together…. and she slipped into a lovely silence.

Later, someone told me that my name had preceded me… that others had spoken of me in glowing terms.   That’s always nice to hear. The house fire guy is “Shadow Biker”.  He had waited patiently to do a few fire scenes with some people too,  I gave up the table.  The man is a saint.  I deeply appreciated his patience, while I took on so many scenes.

I must always throw my floggers..its a thing, and so I got them out to limber up, doing some Florentine and flourishes against the padded support beam in the center of the room. I love the feel of throwing two floggers at once, even if I don’t have someone under me.  Conversations were struck up.  I did a quick demo of violet, and showed off a few of my toys.

I made promise to come to Connecticut and do a Tantra Meditation workshop.  I will try to plan it over a weekend, and see if Raven and Queen can put me up.  That would be a nice adventure..  Hmmm life is always good when you make it an adventure.

As I was leaving, I struck up a conversation outside.  A young lady had developed multiple sclerosis but had come out anyway to be with her kind.  I didn’t know, thought it was hard to miss she stood with a cane.  I asked how she was and she said.. well, I’m alive and that is good.  Then talked of being diagnosed, and what it had done to her.  We talked of life, her challenges, and philosophy.  We talked of our spiritual beliefs and what purpose this development in her life could possibly mean.  I didn’t shy away from any subject.  She knew that this is a degenerative disease and hard times were ahead.  What can you say to such things?  You listen, you speak honestly, you offer no false hope, but you do speak of the good in life, of the ways that life is still good.

I left sober, but high.  High on the thrills, the depth, the incredible plethora of human experiences I had tasted this evening.  Sno sat beside me silently at one point as we watched people and she said.. What a wonderful family we have.  Yes, yes we do.

My friends, if BDSM is your kink, be among your own kind.  It is a cleansing experience.  It awakens the sense that your world is not wrong, it is so very right.  These are good, intelligent, beautiful, carefree people who are bold enough to ignore everything they have been told, to be themselves.  These are noble creatures living sacred roles that they themselves are stunned by every day.   Be among your own kind.  Be with those who get and love you.  To say it is uplifting is to finger paint on mud.. it is so much more than uplifting, it is the awaking and freedom of your very self.  Carpe Diem my friends.. be yourself today!

2 thoughts on “A collar and fire

  1. She will be an inspiration to many, as is her intent. It takes away some of the pain, to know that you can face adversity as an inspiration to others.

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