She let me…

My slave and I don’t fight.  What would be the point?  As the Master, I always win anyway.  But what does that really mean?  Izrina is a human being with feelings and emotions like anyone else.

This past Saturday was freaking awesome!  The collaring ceremony was beautiful!  It was a version of the “Ceremony of the Roses”.. and as always happens, drawing blood with a rose thorn took forever.. note to you all.. if you do this ceremony, take aspirin beforehand to thin your blood and bring one of those glucose meter prick thingys as a back up.

Now… Izrina wasn’t with me.   She had work in the morning.   So I got in around 2 or 3am.  She didn’t sleep well before that.  The truth is, while we are monogamous in our body fluid bonding, but I reserve the right to play with anyone in other ways at any time, and while she is OK with that, when a person fixates or fauns over me, OK becomes not so OK.  Truth be told, Raven is one of those people who fauns over me.  Not that Izrina exhibits any negative behavior, but I can sense it bubbling and I know it needs to come out.

So I had a wonderful evening.. and I left her at home.. and before I go raving about all that, lets talk about the slave I left at home.  We don’t fight, as I said.  Now if I was a nilla type of guy, I’d say she “LET ME” go out.  THAT doesn’t work for me, or for us for that matter.  We talked about her feelings.  I think it would be more correct to say that she gave me none of the drama that she might be feeling.

I in turn did the right thing, and discussed this openly and as honestly as I can.  My objective was to make sure that we understood our roles, and that I would be who I am, and that I was there to help her find her comfort with that to the best of my ability.   This is all very interesting Master stuff, so let’s keep rolling with it for now.  I’ll get to Saturday evening in my next blog.  Btw, I am also very interested in the term “emotional intelligence”.   More good stuff on the way…

For now though, lets just talk about being a Master without being poisonous.  In many ways, we who are Masters are somewhat sociopaths.  Everything IS about us.  We don’t understand why we can’t have it all.  We demand it all and when we don’t get it, we are quick to go looking how to get it no matter the cost to others.  When a slave ties themselves to us, they tie themselves to a person who will use them in all ways.

They know this going in, and yet the potential damage to a slaves cares and concerns is very real.  It depends on the Master.  When a Master is not a real sociopath, we do know when we hurt others and we do care.  We care deeply about others and most especially our beloved slaves.  So we compromise.

Not with our slaves, we would never compromise with our slaves.  We compromise with reality, with what IS.   We bend to that which we can not change.. but only if it does not change us in a way that WE can not compromise.

When you realize what a razor this is, how deeply it can cut either side, you realize what significance and importance you MUST give to compatibility.  You must take the time to find the one that fits your kink as you fit theirs.  It is a difficult thing but it you can find that, you have the world at command.

Izrina has the day off.. from work but not from me.  She rose early and served coffee and a delicious breakfast sandwich of Bacon, egg, and cheese, before I set off to do my thing at work.  Life is pretty damn good!

Carpe Diem my friends.. Go seize the day!


2 thoughts on “She let me…

  1. Emotional Intelligence is an interesting thing to understand and how it ties into a M/s relationship let alone any relationship you may have. It is on the list to delve into deeper due to issues that are happening around us currently.

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