Collaring tonight

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Last night was the Love Of Leather munch.  Many of the leaders of that group are leaving and no one is stepping up to fill the roles that will become free.  I hope someone steps in to run that munch.  I volunteered to assist a few years back, but ran into a conflict with the owner, and haven’t tried my hand at managing any portion of it since.   I’ll wait another month or two and see what happens.  Hopefully it will not wither for lack of volunteers.  That is always an issue with every BDSM group.  Some people want to run things but its their way or the highway.. and some people need a swift kick before they will show up to help.

I met a wonderful lady there last night.  SynfulVixen..  Her pic at age 30 is here.    She is a bit older now.   I am always fascinated by persons who are still into BDSM, as they get up into their 70’s and above.  There is so much there.. all the years experience.. the beauty that once was on the outside, but now shines on the inside…  The reaction you get from 18 year old’s when they encounter such people…  We are in a culture that worships external beauty.  Some might be repelled by the idea of wrinkled bodies having sex.  With a long and healthy life, we will all eventually face the things these folks face.  Best to pick their brains.

It would be nice to see more dialog about the challenges and prejudices they encounter.  I maintain a Fetlife group for stories that pre-date the internet.. about times when people found other kinky people without the internet.  In NYC, it was mostly through ads in the back of porn newspapers.  I am hoping she contributes a few stories to my Fetgroup.. “The Pre-Electronic Party.

Tonight is collaring ceremony for Raven Pup.  Such history she and I have.  I am to give her away.. kind of a father of the bride kind of thing.  I have promised at least one fire scene, though who knows.. maybe I’ll do more fire tonight.  I need to pick up bottles of fuel.  I owe Feel Me Breath at least one, maybe two.  I think I’ll leave four bottles for the next time I need to borrow fuel.

Izrina has to work Sunday,  and since I plan to stay until 2 or 3am, I will be leaving her at home.  I could bring her, but she would simply end up resting on the aftercare couches, and while I have no problem with making her be there for me,  I think I’ll just wake her up when I get back home, instead.

Carpe Diem my friends..  I go forth to be someone’s great day!


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