Strange dream

I never remember my dreams, I don’t know if I dream in color.  I woke suddenly from this one.. I remember it vividly.


I was lost, alone, somewhere in NYC.  The buildings were old, and run down.  The residents were all black, and I was a white man, lost in a huge city, one of the other boroughs I am unfamiliar with.

The GPS in my phone was no help.  I asked Siri to show me a walking path to a subway, hoping it would not be a restaurant…it could not.  I asked for a walking patch to the statue of liberty.. why did I not think this was on an island?  No matter, the phone found no way out.

I was tense.. not really afraid.. more like a coiled spring.  I stuck out, a man with an expensive phone, who didn’t belong.  The money clip in my pocket.. I wanted to stuff some cash in my shoe for emergencies.  Some of the neighborhoods I was walking through were rough.  My mind raced to gangs that are violent, just to send a message.  I ran scenarios in my head, thinking of options.

At one point I was near tracks.  The rails were so old, I could not tell if trains were running. There were street signs with very high street numbers.  I was somewhere in the hundreds.. not that it mattered.  I wasn’t sure if I walked towards lower street numbers, it would get me out of this borough.  Besides, the tall buildings and narrow streets twisted and turned, making direction hard to figure out.

One young man sitting in a yard full of car parts said he had a taxi.  We walked to a yellow car under a tarp.  He pulled off the tarp.  It was an odd vehicle with a boat like belly under the grill, like it was designed to go on water.  He asked me to break off a part of the car.. said he had set up an electric trap so no one would mess with his car.  I began to suspect I was helping steal the car.  I refused.  Two other young man helped him and off they drove leaving me behind.

I stopped frequently, asking for a bus stop, a taxi, a subway.  Everyone just laughed.  We don’t have those, they would say.  I stopped to speak with three attractive middle aged women.  They offered me a ride.  I took it.  After we started moving, I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into.

The women were dressed quite sexy.  The car was expensive.  The driver skilled.  She slid around cars, down alleys, then mentioned a shortcut.  I asked were we were going, the women just laughed.  The ladies, like everyone I had run into were black.

The one in the back asked if I wanted out.  I said I had no idea where I was, I might as well stay.  She shrugged and the car pulled onto an abandoned railway and began driving on the dirt.  On either side of what once was tracks, rose brick high-rise apartments.  The buildings, like the abandoned rail tracks were old and dilapidated.  The car ran smoothly over the rough terrain.  I commented on what a nice car this was.. The driver said it was the German engineering.

These were rich, powerful woman.. and there were three of them.  I drew up my Master powers.. to project strength and authority… but the women were unimpressed.  These were powerful people like myself..  They were interested in me, but as equals, not as submissives.  Well at least as far as I could sense from what I read from them.  Who would be Dominant was still to be decided.

The lady next to me in the back, turned and leaned over so that her cleavage showed.  I could see nipple.  It was hard against a large dark black areola.  She smiled, turning on her charm.  I turned to speak to the passenger in the front, and as she turned towards me as well.  The plunging neckline on her dress moved to reveal some nipple as well.  Neither wore a bra and their breasts were firm.  The sexual tension rose.  She smiled pleasantly, and I am fairly sure she knew what she was revealing.  It was an invitation, and a test, to see what I would do.

The driver careened down an alley, which had  piles of snow.. it had been warm earlier.  I didn’t think at the time to wonder where the snow came from.  The car pushed the snow out of the way with ease.  The driver commented on six wheel drive.  I didn’t recall that when I got in.  The snow flew to the right and left.  It seemed we were going to slide into a telephone pole but just before we hit, the driver turned right down another alley and we went downhill,  behind two-story houses into woods behind the houses.

We turned into the woods, no path or road in site.  Now we were four wheeling like a jeep, the luxury car with its leather interior drove so much better than any off road I had been on before.  The swing arms of the suspension drove the wheels down with a crazy long reach, keep the car smooth and level as we drove over boulders and rocks.  This was a very expensive car.

We made small talk.  The driver seemed to know where she was going.  I commented on how beautiful and sexy the three of them were. The woman in the backseat with me, asked if I was strong enough to satisfy all three of them.  I smiled.  Perhaps we might find out, I said.  I wasn’t sure.  Certainly, I, maybe two.. but three?  I wasn’t sure myself.

We pulled into a paved driveway and the middle of nowhere.  A three story mansion rose against a hillside.  In front, there was a fabric wall, made of black and blue vertical stripes.  It was backlit, hiding the size of the building.  I was in the middle of nowhere.  Sure, I could run, but who was Dominant had not been decided yet, and I was up for this adventure.  I didn’t feel in charge, but I also didn’t feel in danger.  It seemed to me that whatever happened, it would be consensual.  I was hoping I would not be the one needing to provide consent.

We went inside, climbed some stairs and entered a large room filled with leather furniture.   There was an expectation of adventure.   The room screamed wealth and privilege.  Fine crystal, leather,  ebony,  oak and polished black granite.. or marble in a designer living-room.   The women were putting things away.. coats, purses..   I took off my coat and said.. Usually when I find myself in these situations, I am the Dominant.  They laughed.   I raised a figure to make my point.  Somehow I knew you would say that, I said.

I thought, just because they were used to being the Dominant, was no reason for me to switch.  Where would this go I wondered?   Now, for the first time I was what?  Nervous?  Certainly I was vibrating with energy. I would need to muster all my Dominant power to turn this situation.  Then I woke.


Dreams.  What do they mean?  It has been said that dreams are just a play back of the emotions we have felt during the day.  If so, then yesterday, I was feeling a sense of less power, less control, and a need to take back my power and control.  That was definitely the feeling throughout the dream.  A sense that I was struggling to get control.  Certain events at work have definitely been like that.  And I have been soft on Izrina.  The incident with the horse has turned into a nasty bruise, right on Izrina’s lower back.. so she has been tender.  My attention has been on her instead of me.   Not a lot of Dominance there to counter my work issues.  So yeah, maybe yesterday left me feeling power challenged. 

Or maybe this about my giving away Raven at her collaring ceremony.  I have had strong feelings about this coming event.  Or maybe it is the pending visit to NYC in the planning stages.  There was a lot of gender and race overtones.  Interesting.

Another take on dreams is that they are another reality.  A time when our eternal selves are free to roam time and space.  Dreams may be our interactions with other spirits, people who are free to roam.  If that is true, I wonder… does what we do in dreams have an effect on our karma?  I believe that evil in this world is a self inflicted wound in the next.. but what of the good or evil we do in dreams?  We often have no control over the reality of the dream, but we still seem to have a will, we still have the ability to choose right from wrong in our dreams.. Do our choices in dreams matter?  Ah well, At least I know I dream in color.  I can distinctly recall those colors at the house.