People watching

I am a people watcher.  This is a people watching piece.

If you read my blog, you know I am big on the little things, the little moments.  When your life is about stopping to smell the roses, to stop and really experience life, often “nothing” can be a really big deal.  Today was no exception.  I bought peanut butter at the grocery.  It was one of the best parts of my day.

I drove into the local supermarket and found a parking space.  No big deal.  I picked up a shopping basket and did my flourish… a thing I do where I flip the basket in one hand so that the second handle comes up for me to catch it.  Yeah, I am showy like that.  Of course the thought goes through my head.. did anyone notice?  Now the worse thing you can do when you are showing off, is check to see if anyone is looking, so I didn’t.

But then my Master side kicks in and suddenly I feel ten feet tall, a giant among midgets, an indomitable spirit on a mission to buy peanut butter.   I am projecting..  I don’t know how to tell you what this is, but I am putting out a vibe, a power vibe, which is a little friendly and a little intimidating.  I stroll over for to the vitamins isle first.

An elderly woman is escorted there by a 20 something young lady from the service desk and the elderly woman says.. OH, its right there where I was looking.. thank you.  The young lady turns and gives me a grin as she goes by.  Was that dazzling smile for me?  Or was she just amused by the old lady?

I watch the old lady putter and then she turns without taking anything… Maybe the prices were better at Walmart.  Interesting…

Now I am twenty feet tall and I am in full people watching mode.  A family by the butcher, a mother, maybe 35, and a very bored daughter, maybe twelve.  The daughter is staring into space, her mind numb from just how boring this is.  I smile.  If she had a cell phone she would be texting.

Now its a grey hair gentlemen and his grey haired wife.  Shopping together.  They are actually talking about the selections.   That’s nice.

A black gentleman and his wife who is taking way too long to pick an item.  I watch.  He fidgets and finally gets involved.  I grin broadly.  I’d like to see if he pulls out the anger card but don’t want to be obvious about my people watching.

Another isle and another couple.  A middle aged white man, and clearly a husband, is simply there to push the cart.  The man is bored out of his mind.  Why is he here?  His dislike of this task is bordering on anger. Why go if you don’t want to be here?  She is clearly making all the decisions, what is he there for?  Like the twelve year old, he clearly doesn’t want to be there.

More couples, more bored men.   So many people sharing shopping but nearly half of the people here are hating it.  So many bored people, dragged along why?   I am practically chuckling out loud now.  The thought crosses my mind…  You would think if you have to go, you would find some way to be involved, and make it more enjoyable.  But just as quickly, I think.. These are people who would have no idea how to make things fun, even if you tried to explain it.

Off to the dairy section.  As an after thought, I picked up some chocolate almond milk.  I’ll mix it with Kahlua.  When Izrina gets home, she will find a hot tub, and a tasty stiff drink waiting for her.  The poor thing got mashed by a horse again and is in pain.

Now to the checkout.  Three silver haired ladies are lined up, waiting on a thirty something woman.  I give them my best dazzling smile.  They smile back. Its always easier to charm someone older.. have you noticed that?   What am I saying.. every girl figured that out by the time she was eighteen!  It took us guys a little longer to figure out we were being charmed.

Charmed!  When ever Izrina serves, she bends over and her cleavage is right there.. I mean RIGHT there.  We both know it.  We both are aware of it.  Sometimes, because she is my slave, I let my eyes wander.   I would never do this with another woman, but with her, it is a pleasure we share.  I let her charm me.  Hell I let my eyes wander all the time.  In fact, when she walks away from me, she is required to walk heal to toe, so I can watch her fanny roll in a beautiful figure eight.  Its a goodness for her to know that she can affect me.

To my right at the check out is a father with three kids.  A little girl about ten is very bored.  Her younger brother is pestering her younger sister.  Dad is just trying to get through the self check out.  The girl comes over to look at what I am buying.  She doesn’t look up.. She’s curious but too young and shy to start a conversation.  The thirty something woman comes back and there is a problem.   I take my change and the assistant says.. Have a nice day!  I reply back, I‘m working on it.  The three silver haired ladies all chuckle.   I turn to the three of them and say.. I’m fairly sure to get a good day, you have to schedule one…  They chuckle some more.

And with that I take my leave of the store, peanut butter in hand.  The silver haired ladies are giggling like little girls.  Behind me so many people in foul moods, but I and a few others are in a great mood, amused by my peanut butter adventure.

There were so many opportunities there to make days better.   I could have struck up a conversation with one of the bored husbands.   I could have let the little girl who came over to my register, ring up some items. You never know though.. sometimes when a sixty something guy is nice to a little girl, people think it is sweet.. but some might think its creepy.  The ones who think its creepy, are probably creeps themselves.

Why am I so happy, with nothing going on?  Hard to say.  I get a certain pleasure seeing and knowing instantly the story in front of me.. the people oblivious to the emotions they are pouring out.   It doesn’t make me better, but it does make me more awake.. more in tune with what is going on around me..   Its hard to say how you do this, how you take a simple trip to buy peanut butter, and change it from a boring, rushed, annoying task.. into a pleasant adventure that has you chuckling…

What I can say is, life is very good when you take responsibility for your happiness, when you seek the opportunities to be someones great day, when you step out of your own little shell and share moments with others.

Carpe Diem my friends.. Go be happy..  by being someones great day.