Absolutes are a bitch

Its true that…

Too much of a good thing is never enough!


Its OK to be greedy for more as long as you don’t allow it to become an unbearable pain.

But the unbearable pain of too much love is just fine.

So is unbearable pain OK or not?

Why is one unbearable pain OK and not another?

Or am I overthinking again?  Maybe its just a joke..

Why does all of fucking life seem like a bad joke?

Why can’t I have too much of the good things?

What the hell does that even mean?

Is it wrong to want?

If so, how can I know I am satisfied?

If its not wrong to want, then how am I to know when I am greedy?

What the hell is wrong with being greedy anyway?

Why the hell doesn’t life come with instruction?  I need a fucking manual.

I like my rules, my absolutes…  chaos, I hate thee…

Surely there is one absolute in my life..  thinking.. hmmm…

Got it!..  My slave loves me…  wait.. that’s not right

Sometimes she hates me, Wicked Evil Man that I am.

Fuck!  Absolutes are a bitch!  Thinking….

Nope, coming up blank here..

What the hell is the point of being a mentor, a guide a Master.. if I don’t know the rules?

Am I all bluster and made up shit?

Surely these thoughts show I am a thinking man.. but what have I really accomplished?

My slave..

She makes me, my thoughts break me, and I am made again.

Absolutes are a bitch

Wait!  I know one absolute…

Its the moment when she is in my arms, then all thoughts fade, warmth sets in.

Our minds are often our worse enemy, but touch, ah.. touch and love.

Touch! Love!

These without words or thought, are absolutes!

Hush my slave, I will weather the storm of these thoughts for both of us.

Hush my slave and rest warm and secure in my arms

Hush my slave, I am the good thing of which there is never enough

Hush my slave, I will be your absolute

and like all absolutes

I will be a bitch to understand, sometimes.



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